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University of Pennsylvania Alzheimers Disease Center
Our Clinical Services

Diagnostic and Treatment ServicesThe Penn Memory Center is where individuals and families can come for evaluation and treatment of symptoms of age related memory loss.

The goal of the Penn Memory Center is to provide a thorough evaluation for individuals who have memory loss, confusion, personality change, or other signs of a dementing illness. The staff places a high priority on performing a complete evaluation while avoiding unnecessary or redundant testing. We appreciate the special needs of the elderly and make every attempt to restrict the studies to those necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis with as much certainty as possible.

The Penn Memory Center also facilitates the ability of patients and their families to participate in a variety of research studies, including the evaluation of new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, new diagnostic techniques, and quality of life studies.

The staff includes physicians trained in neurology, geriatric psychiatry, geriatric medicine and neuropsychology, as well as nurse clinicians, psychometricians, social workers and clinical research managers. All have a primary clinical and research interest in dementia and are experienced in evaluating and caring for patients with a dementing illness. During the past 5 years over 1,100 patients have been evaluated for dementia. Over half receive follow up care as active members of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center Clinical Core cohort.

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