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University of Pennsylvania Alzheimers Disease Center
Our Research

We gratefully acknowledge these contributors for their recent gifts to the Alzheimer's Disease Center and Penn Memory Center

Gifts of $20,000 and up

Thomas and Kay Hofmann


Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

Max and Gloria Buten
Raymond and Patricia Merena
Snowden Foundation and Lucien D. Yokana

In memory of Kathleen James
Brian and Beth Brendlinger
Elizabeth Collins
Darlene and Robert Edmunds
Geraldine Erichson
Kenneth Hamann
Donna Harper
Richard James
Deborah Knoll
Law Offices of Cafiero and Balliette
Dorothy Lindholm
Frank and Tricia Mahoney
Isabel Mills
John and Darlene Muller
NJ Conservation Officer Association
Kathleen and Terence O'Neil
Judith and John Osborne
Betty Phillips
Patricia and George Reed
Patricia Repici
John and Janice Rose
James and Mary Ann Sheehan
Joy Sumski
Dorothy Tomlin
Suzanne Towey-Pelkaus
Weeks Marine, Inc.
Judith and Frank Yezek
John and Diane Young

Gifts of $500 to $999

Mark Gilman
Brian Rigney

In memory of Pasquale "Pat" Cosenza
Gregory and Victoria Adey
Gary C. Adler
Janice Amey
Elaine Breeden
Leah and Stephen Chambers
Morris and Jacqueline DeFrank
Albina Farrant
FBI Recreation Association, Philadelphia Division
Loretta Galvin
GV Football Alumni Association
Ann Hobbs
Douglas and Andrea Mazzuca
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scattolino
Daron Schreier
Karen Shaner
Elizabeth and S. Dwight Stephens
Richard Wagner
George and Ruth Ann Wenner
Lois White

In memory of Philip Frey
Michelle Frey
Alma Wrigley

In honor of Dr. Jason Karlawish
Karen I. Blu
Mary C. LeFever
George Nofer
Anne Wright and Graeme Clapp

In memory of Anthony G. Mecoli
Samuel Brand
Joseph Colasante
Linda DeFelice
Grace and Samuel Desimine
Ronald and Veronica Fioresi
Partners & Staff of Friedman LLP
Debra Giove
Lisa Giove
Mario and Connie Giove
Margaret Harker
Maggie and Chuck Harkins
Kathy and Ken Myers
Nick and Bonnie Petroni
William and Barbara Pitt
Carl and Virginia Scheetz
Jennifer Selby
Sue and John Shaw
Rheta R. Smith
Charles and Judith Suplee
Whitemarsh Psychological Associates, Inc.
Doris W. Young
Anne Marie Young

In memory of S. Neil Schlosser
Deborah Douglas
Mary Dunn
Nancy S. Garabed
Susan and Drew Hostetter
Ann Zabel

In memory of Frederick Stoffler
Rebecca Stoffler

Gifts of $250 to $499

Charles French
Donald and Shirley Ginter
George Haag
Stephen and Barbara Kieran
Kathryn and Stuart Malcolm
George Nofer
Jacob Siegal

In memory of Joy Jamieson
Dolores and Herbert Adams
Ruth Berreth
Randi Collinson
Pamela and Bernad Kametz
Mark Long
Shawn and Ronda Sekela
Marda Smith
Sandra and Michal Solotoff

In memory of Paul Katriel
Ron G. Katriel

In memory of Robert Lipton
Robert and Marjorie Berke
Ruth Gail and Steven Cohen
Barbara and Joel Dash
Carol and Barry Jacobs
George A. and Mary Emily Pagano
Myron E. and Phoebe Resnick
Rosenfelt, Siegel & Goldberg
Aletha and Dom Sciubba

In memory of Thomas M. Smith
Keith A. Pacheco
William and Eileen Siegle
William and Jane Siegle and AYCO Charitable Foundation
Rodger Skidmore


Gifts of $100 to $249

Howard and Gudrun Arnold
Shahan and Eleanor Balian
Barbara J. Ciric
Helen M. Cyzio
Kyla R. Geary
Gregg Geffen
Joseph and Bernadette Giordano
Isabel Gurbarg
William and Catherine Lawrence
Francis Lawlor
John Meeker
Rose Randall
Harold and Shirly Ritter
Elliot Rosado
George and Elizabeth Ulmer

In memory of Jesse and Louise Andrews
Phyllis Perry

In honor of Dr. Steven E. Arnold
Antonia W. Hamilton

In memory of Elizabeth Barnshaw
H. Douglas and Elizabeth Barnshaw

In memory of Ernest H. DeAngelis
Roberta DeAngelis

In memory of Rose DeLuca
Louis and Maryann Dinunzio
Christine Hartley
Charles and Carol Ann Lott
Jeffrey and Mary Schwartz
Francis and Pearl Lindy Wardell

In memory of Diane Eisen
William B. Eisen

In memory of Helena T. Funaro
Theresa Funaro

In memory of Helen Knowles
Mary Ellen and Joe Gibbons

In memory of George Lane
Lynne M. Sanitello

In memory of Dr. Charles Lee
Ruth Sarah Lee

In memory of Robert B. Moore
Joanna C. Moore

In memory of Helen Foster Morgan
Natalie Macy

In memory of Ruth Nichols
William and Nancy Tripp

In memory of Alice Norton
Erica G. Sorohan

In memory of Joseph O'Brien
Regina and Wayne Clerkin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore

In honor of Thelma Rex
Karen King

In honor of Joanne Ruser
Margaret Russell

In memory of Walter Russell
The Cooke Family

In memory of Adolph E. Suscavage
Veronica Suscavage

In honor of Charles E. Wallner
Louise Wallner


Gifts to $99

Evelyn Aicher
Shahan and Eleanor Balian
Betsey Berger
Maurice Berry
Kay and David Brubaker
Ursula Bucki
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Camardo, Jr.
Lovina B. Carroll
Helen M. Cyzio
Rachael and Bernard Defusco
Martin Dimmerman
Vivian and William Dinardo
William and Edith Ferris
Calvin Hackney
Barbara Haines
D. Harvey and P. Filipkowski
Almeda Henry
Carol and Alfred Humphries
Carolyn Iacocca
Michael and Ellen Jenner
Albert Kamen
John J. Keating
Adam Longino
Marjorie Meyermann
Mary and James Miles
Brent and Janice Peterson
Paul Pollack
Wendy Powell
Elliot Rosado
Heinrich and Marjorie Sawadski
Stephen Schecter
Beatrice Shulman
Norbert Seifert and Wilma M. Chung
Robert Shirley
James and Lydia Titus
Louis P. Torre
Charles and Cheryl Walter

In memory of Norman Axe
Ellen Krechmer

In honor of Barbara Berry
Maurice Berry

In memory of Harvey Brodsky
Lawrence Mark and Robin Levin

In memory of Karl Buschmann
Phyllis Davis

In honor of Onie L. Cole
Beverly Sample-Hall

In memory of Elizabeth C. Coyle
Sandra McCoy

In memory of Rose Dayno
Philip Steinberg and WeiserMazars LLP

In memory of John Malcolm Dunn, MD
Mary (Polly) Dunn

In memory of E-Hsin Foo
Michael and Suzanne Emmi

In honor of Ira Fox
Beth Goldstein

In memory of August Gentilucci
Jeffrey and Dana Bryan

In memory of Robert Loll
Myles T. McDonald

In memory of Cesar Loreno
Lydia and Luis De Jesus

In memory of Joan Nekracz
Elizabeth Collins

In memory of Robert Nolan
Lawrence Mark and Robin Levin

In memory of Daniel Paradee
John and Ruth Afford

In memory of Joseph Persichilli
Carmela and Alfredo Avila

In memory of Carmella R. Quartullio
Laurie Montague

In memory of Kathy Raum
Roseann and Joe Kirlin

In memory of Frank Redmiles
Eileen Redmiles

In memory of Mort Reiff
Lawrence Mark and Robin Levin

In memory of Arthur J. Skinner
Joyce Hadley

In honor of Bettey Stephey
Harry and Eileen Stephey

In honor of Lauren Strauss and Michael Moore
Robin and Richard Cudrin

In honor of Betty Sykes
Kyle Raport

In memory of Jean Walker
Norman and Linda Hilary Cohen



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