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Summary of June 26, 2018 Changes

For KL Administrators
For Managers and Delegates
Basic Administration Help
- Knowledge Link Architecture
- Scheduled Item or Online Item Settings Guide
- Naming Conventions Guidelines
- How to Create an Online Item
- How to Create a Scheduled Item
- How to Launch Proxy

Searching and Reporting
- How to Search and Filter in Knowledge Link
- Running Reports (including commonly used reports)
- Compliance Reporting in Knowledge Link

Scheduled Offerings
- How to Create a Scheduled Offering
- How to Enroll/Withdraw Users from a Scheduled Offering
- How to Give Credit / Close Out Scheduled Offerings
- How to Send Notifications
- Quickly Update All Segments in a Scheduled Offering

- How to Preview, Edit, and Publish a Quiz
- Add Quizzes to Items
- Activating Quizzes in Scheduled Offerings
- How to Reset a Quiz
- How to Review Quiz Results

Advanced Functions
- Assigning Items to Users
- How to Give Credit at the Item Level PDF | VIDEO
- How to Upload Content
- Add Content Objects to Items
- How to Create a Direct Link
- How to Create a Curriculum

PennChart CE-PE Training
- KL-PE KL Admin Training Job-Aid

My Team Tab
- Assign-Remove Learning
- Enroll-Withdraw Employees
- Learning Dashboard
- Learning Reports

- Delegating Manager Functions
- View as a Delegate

Manager Webinar Recording (new functionality and Lynda content)
Manager Webinar Slides

For End-Users

- How to Take a Quiz
- How to Review eLearning from Learning History

- Unenroll from Two-Step Verification (not applicable to University or PSOM faculty and staff)

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