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Simulation Training
Team Scenario Training

Team TrainingTeam training scenarios can be scripted and implemented using the Laerdal SimMan of which Simulation at Penn Medicine has four, each set in a simulated Endovascular, OR, In-Patient, or ICU/ED environment.  The Center also features a LDR complete with Noelle, Newborn HAL and the Laerdal SimNewB.  These manikins as well as the cameras in the rooms and recording of the session can be controlled through a centrally located control room.

Simulated team training with post session debriefing can be an invaluable tool to enhance team communication, clinical skills, patient safety and outcomes.  

While instructors are welcome to develop their own scenarios or seek the assistance of the Center staff by completing and submitting the “Scenario Development Worksheet," there are a number of previously developed scenarios available for use.  These include:

  • ACLS based scenarios
    • Megacode Cases
    • Algotrithm specific cases
  • Nursing based scenarios
    • Basic nursing medical scenarios
    • Basic nursing surgical scenarios
    • Complex nursing medical scenarios
    • Complex nursing surgical scenarios
  • Patient safety related scenarios
    • Safe operation of hospital equipment scenarios
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program scenarios
    • Utilize Laerdal's SimNewB
    • Application uses for Gaumard's Newborn HAL
Please contact us if you would like to know more about existing team0 training scenarios, develop your own or visit Simulation at Penn Medicine.
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