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Addiction and the Family

Addiction and the family chart

This site addresses the most often-expressed concerns about addiction and the family...

  • Why your loved one keeps doing what he or she does… going back to the gutter… even though bad things invariably happen?…
  • How we know that addiction is a disease. It’s not a lack of willpower or scruples… it’s not anyone’s fault… it’s a disease…
  • How we know that treatment works if one stays engaged in treatment…
  • How to get treatment and how to stay engaged in treatment.
  • How the most common causes of relapse can be minimized.
  • Why it’s critical that your entire family becomes knowledgeable about this disease and how that knowledge can impact recovery.
  • Why you as a family member need treatment as much as your loved one.

This site provides you the information and resources you need to help build a foundation for the family you long for. It can happen. The knowledge and tools are here…

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