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Finding Recovery in Co-Dependency

We as co-dependents can find recovery the same way the addict does — by admitting that we are powerless to control this disease and we need to seek help ourselves.

We need help to learn how to stop blaming ourselves, stop blaming our loved one…to focus on ourself and take responsibility for our own actions. We need to deal with our feelings rather than avoid them.

So how do we get started?

It’s time to begin taking care of yourself, to recognize your co-dependency and to identify the behaviors you need to change to get well yourself. And even if your loved one does not get better, you do not have to be stuck in your codependency. You can get better, even if they don’t. You can love your addict to death or you can love yourself back to health and, in turn, stop enabling them.

We must build a circle of well friends and healthy interests…a circle of support from people who have been living with this disease in their lives and can share their experiences, strength and hope with us.

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