Anesthesiology Residency and Fellowships

Stipend & Benefits

Salary 2012-2013

  • PGY 1 (Intern): $51,084
  • PGY 2 (CA1): $52,478
  • PGY 3 (CA2): $54,059
  • PGY 4 (CA3): $57,116
  • PGY 5 (1st year fellow): $60,112
  • PGY6 (2nd year fellow): $63,897

Note: Salaries are approximate. Yearly increases have been customary.

Intra-Departmental Moonlighting

Penn offers residents the opportunity to earn extra money through an intra-departmental moonlighting system (known as ECC). Beginning CA1 year, residents are scheduled to work ECC 3-4 times per month while rotating through the HUP OR's. When scheduled for ECC, residents stay beyond 5:30 pm (until 8:30 pm at the latest) to help finish cases that run late. Extra ECC volunteers may also be recruited on days when there are a large number of cases still going at 5:30 pm.

The department currently compensates residents at $100/hr for ECC, and residents are free to exchange, give up, or take other residents' ECC.

The department maintains strict compliance with all ACGME work hour regulations, including any time spent working ECC.


  • Hospital parking or SEPTA bus/subway pass
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield Family Plan, major medical, or other health care plans
  • Dental, pharmacy and vision plans
  • Malpractice insurance for work done in the department
  • Three weeks vacation per year
  • Breakfast and supper when on-call
  • Use of University athletic facilities (except for health club)
  • ASA membership
  • In-training exam fee
  • Written Certification Exam fee
  • Expense-paid attendance at a national meeting during CA-3 year (conditional on performance)