Anesthesiology Residency and Fellowships

Dripps Scholarship

In the fall of the CA-1 year, residents with research interests are encouraged to apply for a Dripps Scholarship. Occasionally, a recipient will be chosen for this scholarship before residency. This highly competitive award, named in honor of the first Penn Anesthesia Chair, Robert D. Dripps, entitles the Dripps Scholar to an additional stipend during their CA-2 and 3 years, unique research opportunities, and guarantees a position on the NIH T-32 training grant, or a clinical fellowship with at least 12 months of research time after their CA-3 year. The Dripps Scholarship recognizes and helps to develop those unique individuals destined to play a leadership role in academic anesthesiology in the future. Dripps Scholars have opportunities to attend scientific meetings and are expected to present their research at the annual Pennsylvania Anesthesiology Resident Research Conference (PARRC).

Lane-Fall, M.D.McKinstry, MD

The first Dripps Scholarship was awarded to Meghan Lane-Fall, MD who is currently a post-doctoral fellow and clinical faculty at Penn, with research support from both the CHIPS fellowship and a T-32 training grant. Meghan is studying how communication and teamwork affect the quality of care delivered in the perioperative setting. Meghan’s research mentors are Charles Bosk, PhD , Said Ibrahim, MD, MPH, and Lee A. Fleisher, MD.

The second Dripps Scholarship was awarded to Jonathan Pan, MD, PhD. Jonathan collaborated with Roderic G. Eckenhoff, MD to examine microglial responses to anesthetics. Jonathan is currently on a T-32 training grant and clinical faculty at UCSF.

Andrew McKinstry, MD, the third Dripps Scholar, worked with Max Kelz, MD, PhD on optoanesthesia and is continuing his research with Max on the T-32 Training grant (hyperlink to Research Fellowships page).