Anesthesiology Residency and Fellowships

Postdoctoral Fellowship Research Opportunities

Postdoctoral research training in perioperative medicine is made possible by a number of funding mechanisms, one of which is the NIH T-32 Training Grant.

The department currently has two T-32 training grants. One has had over a thirty-five year history of success, in part due to the underlying philosophy of joint training between our and another department - usually at Penn. It is broadly focused on any aspect of perioperative medicine and is supported by NIGMS, and directed by David M. Eckmann, MD, PhD .

The second, newer, T-32 is focused on health services research in critical care medicine, is supported by NHLBI and is directed jointly by David Asch, M.D (link to ). and Lee A. Fleisher, MD.

Physician fellows on T-32 grants are encouraged to work clinically 20% of their time to maintain skills. On completion of the two-year fellowship, trainees often return to our department or another academic anesthesia department as faculty, and bring with them new approaches, ideas, and collaborations.