Anesthesiology Residency and Fellowships

Unique Features of Our Program

Our Faculty

Here at Penn residents have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field of anesthesiology and critical care. A large number of our faculty are well published and serve on various national committees that oversee our specialty. The opportunity to learn from the leaders in the field of anesthesiology is just one reason that sets our programs apart from many others in the region.

Our Chair

Even though he is extremely busy managing a department and a research enterprise, Dr. Fleisher makes sure he is an extremely accessible chairperson to the residents. He holds Saturday morning coffee hours in center city philadelphia, where you get to have discussions about your future, goals, career and much more over a caffeinated beverage of your choice.


Another distinguishing feature of the department of anesthesiology at Penn is the technologic initiative that has taken place over the past couple of years under the leadership of Dr. Fleisher. Currently, incoming CA-1 residents are provided with new Ipads to help facilitate their learning process. Rather than receiving common textbooks like Miller and Lange, residents have access through the department’s website to a large number of texts, lectures, and specific rotation guidelines. This learning database can be accessed anywhere a resident has access to the Internet.

Intra-Departmental Moonlighting

The opportunity to earn extra income by working during the early evenings is a program unique to Penn. Call "ECC Shifts", Anesthesia residents here at Penn are extremely happy to have the ability to earn extra money on an as needed basis. Many residents use this extra income to help save for vacations, home improvements, new cars etc. Even while working these ECC shifts no ACGME work hour rules are violated.

Learn more about ECC on our Benefits Page

Exposure to Amazing Clinical Experiences

The final reason many residents state our program here at Penn is different from many others is the level of complexity of our surgical cases. Since Penn is the largest academic institution in the Philadelphia region many patients from other hospitals are transferred here for more definitive surgical care. The pathology we see here at Penn on a daily basis is only found in a few fortunate institutions in this country. The ability to plan and perform advanced anesthetic techniques on a diverse and complicated patient population lends to the creation of residents who are very proficient and confident as they graduate the program.