Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation

What We Do

Our work spans the University of Pennsylvania Health System and the Perelman School of Medicine and aims to advance their missions through the disciplined creation, evaluation, and implementation of change. 

In the end, our goal is to improve the health and health care of patients and populations by supporting the identification of problems and the developing and testing of solutions.  We do so by supporting people who have ideas, and supporting the testing of those ideas on their way toward potential implementation.

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Five Year Goals

Ideas get their value only once they are implemented.

Goal One: We make people healthier
We will improve patient quality of life and outcomes by reducing the health burdens imposed by hypertension, colorectal cancer and tobacco.

Goal Two: We make it cheaper to improve and maintain health
We will reduce employee health costs as compared to peer institutions in a way that maintains outcomes and keeps Penn Medicine an employer of choice.

Goal Three: We bring health care into people’s lives
We will identify areas in which connected health will supplement or replace clinical practice by improving patient outcomes, lowering cost, or both.

Goal Four: We encourage and catalyze others
We will position our Center as a leader in the area of health care innovation. We will enable and encourage other health systems to adopt innovative methods by sharing our success stories.

Goal Five: We aim towards making ourselves unnecessary
We will enable a culture of innovation by energizing faculty and staff to develop new skills, collaborate and test new methods to improve health care delivery for patients at Penn Medicine and beyond.