Penn Medicine Center for Health Care Innovation

Our Approach

We believe that the best way to make big improvements to patient health and the delivery of health care services is to start small.

Our approach is to take an idea and first craft a prototype - an early sample of that idea that lets us observe and test it under real world circumstances.

These tests teach us things about our idea that we wouldn’t have otherwise learned. We then refine the prototype based on what we’ve learned, and test it again. This iterative cycle repeats until we have enough data to determine whether to scale up our idea or to try something new.

The vast majority of successful innovations are much different from where they started. Employing a disciplined, scientific approach toward creating, evaluating, and implementing new ideas helps us learn what works, and what doesn’t, quickly and at low cost.

If an idea ‘fails,’ but we’ve learned that the idea will not work in a matter of days instead of months, by utilizing a low-cost prototype of that idea, we consider that a success.

An important part of what The Center for Health Care Innovation does is nurturing an environment where many more ideas can become a reality using this approach.

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Roy Rosin, Penn Medicine's Chief Innovation Officer, explains why it is so important to get it right before implementing a new idea across an institution.