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MyPennMedicine Meaningful Use Stage 2:

Design Sprint

Experiments in patient messaging.

The Innovation Center was approached by our CMIO to assist with a very specific task: to increase secure electronic messaging from patients to providers.

The metric, Measure 17 of 17 in the Meaningful Use Stage 2 process, requires eligible practitioners to receive electronic messages from greater than 5% of their patients in any quarter of a calendar year.

This metric was one of the few requirements that UPHS was having difficulty achieving. If the entire Meaningful Use Stage 2 measure is reached, UPHS could receive an incentive payment for each eligible provider up to $44,000 by 2016. If the measure is not attained, UPHS may be denied Medicare payments to those providers by 1% through 5%, accumulatively through 2020+.

The Center hosted 3 collaborative design sessions with staff from Information Services and Clinical Operations to brainstorm and outline experiments that might increase messaging.

In the first meeting, we generated ideas that would encourage patients to both enroll in the secure portal and to initiate an electronic message.

In the second meeting, the group selected 4 ideas to pursue. We then designed experiments to test the assumptions of the ideas. The experiments launched at the end of this meeting.

After 8 weeks, the group met for the third session, and shared the exciting outcomes of the experiments: for one provider, patient messaging increased up to 20%: well beyond the required 5%. The team then discussed methods for dissemination of these ideas throughout Penn Medicine.


Bill Hanson III, MD
Chief Medical Information Officer and Vice President

J.T. Howell, MD
Associate CMIO for
Ambulatory EHR

Diane Buckles
Senior Project Manager, Information Services

Rebekah Montcalmo, MBA
Quality & Incentive Programs Coordinator

Scott Schlegel, MBA
Chief Operating Officer, CPUP

Tracy Christie, MBA, TM
Sr. Technology Analyst

Glenn Fala
Senior Director, Software Development

Michael Di Genova
Supervisor, Patient Registration and Scheduling

Mark Lari, MBA, PTA
Director, Ambulatory Access

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