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Report Date
Cytokine Adsorption for treatment of COVID-19 Disease 6/17/2020 critical care Cytosorb, cytokine, COVID-19, D2000
Point of care vascular ultrasound 6/03/2020 Radiology ultrasonography, deep vein thrombosis, vascular mapping
Transmission of Respiratory Infection via Showers, Annotated Bibliography 5/26/2020 COVID-19 COVID-1, respiratory infection
Emergency Response Teams/Structures for Healthcare-Affiliated Workplaces and Out-of-Hospital Settings 2/03/2020 Emergency Management Rapid response, OHCA
Clinical Pathways for Hypertension Management 1/31/2020 General Internal Medicine hypertension, pharmacist, nurse practitioner, care team, algorithm
Early Mobilization to Reduce Medical Inpatient Length of Stay and Adverse 1/31/2020 Process of care Mobilization, physical therapy, exercise, critical care, inpatient
Cathetter-Related Bloodstream Infections (CRBSI) 1/27/2020 Infection Prevention Bloodstream Infections, Central Venous Catheter, Chlorhexidine
Best practices for postpartum care during the "4th trimester" 1/15/2020 Nursing Post-discharge care, Fourth trimester, Maternal health services,
Transitioning from pediatric to adult care: patients with cystic fibrosis 1/05/2020 Nursing Transition to adult care, Transitional care, Continuity of patient car
Intravenous lidocaine for perioperative pain control 11/14/2019 Pharmacy Lidocaine, Abdominal surgery
Inpatient bed assignment: geographic cohorting and off-service placement 11/12/2019 General internal medicine Geographic cohorting, Overflow
Neonatal intensive care unit design 10/25/2019 NICU Intensive care ursery, NICU
Participation in athletics by persons with thoracic aortic disease 9/12/2019 Cardiology Aortic valve,Marfan syndrome
Levalbuterol vs albuterol for hospitalized patients 9/24/2019 Pulmonary Levalbuterol, Albuterol
Triple-lumen peripherally-inserted central catheters 9/23/2019 Nursing PICC Central venous catheter
Tip positioning of short-term central venous catheters 9/13/2019 Critical care Central venous catheter,Thrombosis
Timing of valve replacement for patients with infective endocarditis and intracranial embolism 9/12/2019 Cardiovascular surgery Infective endocarditis, Valve
Postoperative chlorhexidine bathing to reduce surgical site infections among patients undergoing cardiac surgery 7/15/2019 Nursing Chlorhexidine, CHG, Surgical site infection
Dual antiplatelet therapy following endovascular treatment of peripheral artery disease 4/24/2019 Vascular surgery Antiplatelet, Peripheral artery disease
Cooling caps for prevention of alopecia during chemotherapy 5/30/2019 Oncology Alopecia, Chemotherapy
Management of tunneled dialysis catheters in patients with bloodstream infection 5/30/2019 Medicine Hemodialysis, Central venous catheter
Discharge of inpatients before noon 5/6/2019 Annotated Bibliography Patient discharge, Length of stay
Dosing of botulinum toxin for neurologic indications 4/30/2019 Pharmacy Botulinum toxin, Dystonia
Targeted temperature management for respiratory arrest secondary to an opioid overdose 5/6/2019 Annotated Bibliography Induced hypothermia, Therapeutic hypothermia
Couplet care for neonates requiring intensive care and their mothers during the birth hospitalization 4/25/2019 Annotated Bibliography Intensive care nursery, neonatal intensive care
Inhaled epoprostenol (Flolan) 4/3/2019 Pharmacy Epoprostenol, Flolan
Interventions to reduce the use of high risk medications in elderly patients 3/18/2019 Pharmacy Inappropriate prescribing, High-risk mediciation
Guidelines for supplementary feedings of newborn infants 3/18/2019 Nursing Breastfeeding, Neonate
Pulmonary artery catheters - catheter dwell time and routine replacement 3/19/2019 Critical Care Swan-Ganz catheter, CLABSI, Central Line associated blood stream infection
Support groups for patients with traumatic brain injuries 3/13/2019 Neurology Self-help groups, Peer support
The effect of patient communication about medical errors on malpractice lawsuites 2/13/2019 Clinical Department Disclosure, Medical error
Pathways for hysterectomy perioperative management 12/12/18 Obsetrics and Gynecology Perioperative management, hysterectomy
The effect of electronic medical record alerts on provider wellness 11/28/2018 General Medicine Alert, Alarm, Occupational stress
Scales for assessing patients receiving moderate sedation 11/1/2018 Nursing Procedural sedation, Conscious sedation
Risk factors for surgical site infection and infection prevention in elective spine surgery 10/10/2018 Neurology Spine, Surgery
Guidance for prostate cancer screening 10/05/2018 Oncology Prostate, PSA
Venous thromboembolism prevention for obese patients 10/11/2018 Pharmacy Obesity, Venous thromboembolism
Securement of arterial catheters 9/28/2018 Device Arterial catheter, Tissue adhesive, Statlock, Tegaderm
Extended stay units for ambulatory surgical patients 9/4/2018 Annotated Bibliography Outpatient procedures, Outpatient surgery, Short stay surgery, Overnight stay
Testing for clostridium difficile in oncology patients 9/13/2018 Infectious Diseases Clostridium difficile, oncology, testing
Guidelines for electrocardiography on arrival to the emergency department 8/29/2018 Cardiology Electrocardiogram, Acute coronary syndrome, Myocardial infarction
Guidelines for management of acute hydronephrosis 8/29/2018 Radiology Hydronephrosis, Kidney stones
Location of implanted ports for chemotherapy 7/30/2018 Oncology Port, Central venous acess device, Central venous catheter
Best practices for treating acute/severe hyperkalemia in the hospital setting 8/9/2018 Medicine Potassium, Acute Hyperkalemia, Treatment strategy
Management of post-biopsy renal bleeding 6/26/2018 Urology Biopsy, Kidney
Using patient generated health data in an electronic health record 6/14//2018 Policy Patient generated health data, wearables, electronic health records
CT for acute chest pain 12/7/2011 Emergency Medicine Ischemic heart disease, Coronary, stenosis, Tomography
Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts for patients with acute variceal bleeding 5/18/2018 Medicine Esophageal varices, Gastric varices
Update: Anticoagulation management in paracentesis and thoracentesis 5/18/2018 Medicine Paracentesis, Thoracentesis
Home administration of intravenous immunoglobulin 5/18/2018 Home care Immunoglobulin, Drug
Management of acute necrotizing pancreatitis 2/12/2018 Gastroenterology Pancreatitis, Necrosis
Monitoring of anticoagulation in patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation 4/16/2018 Critical Care Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, ECMO, Heparin
Point-of-care ultrasound for acute respiratory distress 4/11/2018 Medicine Ultrasound imaging, Pneumothorax
Acid suppression therapy for oncology patients 4/3/2018 Infectious Diseases Acid suppression therapy, Proton pump inhibitors
Update: Best practices for central venous catheter removal 3/20/2018 Critical Care Central line, Central venous access
Engaging clinical faculty at academic medical centers 3/8/2018 Policy Faculty Engagement
Palliative care in the outpatient setting for patients with heart failure or advanced lung disease 3/6/2018 Palliative Care Palliative Medicine
Management structures for hospital nursing 3/5/2018 Nursing Organizational structure, policy
Treatment of severe acute medical-psychiatric comorbidity in hospitalized patients 2/12/2018 2/12/2018 Psychiatry Medical-psychiatric, Med-psych unit
Diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding in patients with left ventricular assist devices 1/31/2018 Gastroenterology Ventricular assist device, LVAD
Cognitive therapy for schizophrenia 1/5/2018 Psychiatry Schizophrenia, Cognitive behavioral therapy
Nurse-directed discontinuation of continuous ECG monitoring among non-ICU inpatients 1/3/2018 Nursing Telemetry, Cardiac monitoring
Communicating with patients about pain management for acute on chronic pain 12/19/2017 Annotated Bibliography Medicine, Acute pain, Chronic pain
Medications for critical care patients with alcohol withdrawal 12/19/2017 Critical Care Alcohol withdrawal, Delirium
Strategies for transitioning adult medical-surgical inpatients with a need for mental health services to outpatient settings 11/21/2017 Psychiatry Collaborative care, Consultation-Liaison psychiatry
Preparation and patient education prior to colonoscopy 11/17/2017 Gastroenterology Colonoscopy, Screening
Epidemiology of spectator injuries at baseball games 10/5/2017 Annotated Bibliography Baseball, CMO
Needleless connectors for intravenous injections 10/6/2017 Nursing Needleless connector, Central venous catheter
Pathways for management of alcohol withdrawal in critical care units 9/21/17 Critical Care Alcohol withdrawal, Delirium
Non-pharmacologic strategies for the management of inpatient aggressive behavior 9/7/2017 Behavioral Health Patient aggression, Workplace violence
Patient lifestyle education for lung transplant recipients 9/5/2017 Transplant Lung transplant
Hypertension in patients undergoing carotid endarterectomy 9/5/2017 Surgery Carotid endarterectomy, Carotid artery disease
Heparin flush for central and peripheral venous access devices 6/23/2017 Nursing Central venous catheter, peripheral catheter
High-dose Vitamin C for treatment of sepsis 6/2/2017 Critical Care Vitamin C, Ascorbic acid
APSO vs. SOAP structure for progress notes 5/22/2017 General medicine Electronic medical record, Progress note
Peer specialists in crisis response centers 5/22/2017 Behavioral Health Consumer-provider, Peer-based interventions
Oral antibiotics for secondary prophylaxis following two-stage revision surgery for prosthetic joint infection 5/16/2017 Infectious Disease Arthroplasty, Prosthetic joint infection
Association of hats with risk of SIDS in newborns 5/12/2017 Obstetrics and Gynecology Infant, Hat, Device
Family presence during resuscitation 4/25/2017 Policy/organization of care Family witnessed resuscitation, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Mortality review 3/28/2017 Policy/organization of care dministrative department, Mortality review
Productivity and access measures for primary care 3/29/2017 Primary care Policy/organization of care, Administrative department
Intravenous iron for patients with anemia 3/28/2017 Nephrology Iron
Pre-procedural fasting for inpatients undergoing interventional radiology or cardiac procedures not requiring general anesthesia 2/22/2017 Nursing Nil per os (NPO), Food/fluid intake
Evaluation and management of post-discharge fever in prosthetic joint replacement patients 1/24/2017 Orthopedic Surgery Hip arthroplasty, Knee arthroplasty, Fever
Support for 'second victims' in the acute care setting 1/10/2017 Nursing Healthcare worker stress
Protocols for discontinuing the use of 1:1 patient sitters in the acute care setting 1/10/2017 Annotated Bibliography Continuous observation, nursing
Best practices for preventing aspiration pneumonia in hospital patients 12/2/2016 Nursing Aspiration Pneumonia
Anticoagulation therapy guidelines for open heart mechanical valve replacement patients 12/7/2016 Cardiovascular Surgery Mitral valve
Endotracheal tubes for subglottic suctioning 11/18/2016 Device Endotracheal tube, Ventilator-associated pneumonia
Faculty development programs for underrepresented minority faculty 11/15/2016 Annotated Bibliography Mentoring
Guidelines for post-operative opioid prescribing 10/31/2016 Advisory Opioid, Surgery, Morphine, Drug
Mindfulness-based stress reduction interventions for nurses 11/3/2016 Policy/organization of care MBSR, Mind/body, Meditation
Duration of contact isolation precautions for patients with a history of MRSA infection or colonization 9/22/2016 Infectious Disease MRSA
Bedside psychotherapy for depression or anxiety in hospitalized medical-surgical patients 9/27/2016 9/27/2016 Psych Cognitive behavioral intervention, Psych, Nursing
Erythropoiesis stimulating agents for cardiac surgery patients 9/12/2016 Cardiovascular Surgery Erythropoietin, Transfusion
Clinical risk prediction scales for venous thromboembolism in hospitalized patients 9/12/2016 Medicine Venous thromboembolism, inpatient
Managing antenatel hypoglycemia in hospitalized pregant women with diabetes 9/14/2016 Annotated Bibliography Nursing, Pregnancy, Diabetes
Amiodarone method of administration for treatment of post-operative atrial fibrillation 7/14/2016 Advisory Drug, Nursing, Amiodarone, Atrial fibrillation
Pathways for management of refractory epistaxis 7/14/2016 Annotated Bibliography ENT, Epistaxis, Nosebleed
Transfusion thresholds in cardiovascular surgery 7/20/2016 Hematology Transfusion, Red blood cells
Elective cesarean section surgery and maternal music listening 7/12/2016 Obstetrics and Gynecology Music medicine
Patient transfer from the postanesthesia care unit to an inpatient medical surgical unit 6/15/2016 Nursing PACU
Oncology nurse navigators 6/9/2016 Oncology Patient navigation, Nurse navigation
Social work support following distress screening in oncology care 5/31/2016 Oncology Oncology, Social work
Adverse events in oncology patients with reduced platelet counts and concurrent anemia 4/11/2016 Oncology Transfusion
Interventions to reduce social isolation among oncology patients with extended hospital stays 3/28/2016 Oncology Social isolation
An updated review of disinfecting caps and antimicrobial locks for reducing blood stream infections associated with central venous catheters 3/22/2016 Infectious Disease Central venous catheter
Disease trends and hospital utilization projections 3/22/2016 Annotated Bibliography Hospital utilization
Overview of hyperbaric oxygen therapy 3/18/2016 Medicine Hyperbaric oxygenation
Nurse to Nurse communication: bedside change of shift report 2/29/2016 Nursing Patient handover
Frequency of vital sign measurement 2/23/2016 Nursing Vital signs
Amiodarone for prevention of atrial fibrillation in cardiac surgery patients 2/23/2016 Cardiology Amiodarone, Cardiac surgical procedures
Shared governance for nursing assistants and other ancillary medical staff in the hospital setting 1/28/2016 Nursing Shared governance, Annotated Bibliography
Transfusion thresholds in major orthopedic surgery 1/19/2016 Hematology Transfusion
Nursing double checks of high-alert intravenous medications to prevent errors in the acute care setting 1/04/2016 Nuirsing Administration High alert mediciations
Improving Physician Communication 12/29/2015 Medicine Communication
Peri-procedural anticoagulation therapy guidelines for bioprosthetic valve replacement patients 12/22/2015 Cardiology Mitral valve
Guidelines for verifying nasogastric and Dobhoff tube placement 12/17/2015 Nursing Nasogastric tube
Interactive voice response systems for management of cardiovascular diseases 12/10/2015 Cardiology Interactive voice response
The relationship between socioeconomic status and hospital length of stay 12/9/2015 Annotated Bibliography Socioeconomic status
Update: Routine replacement of peripheral intravenous catheters 12/02/2015 Nursing Peripheral intravenous catheter
aPTT collection practices for patients receiving intravenous heparin infusion 11/8/2015 Nursing activated Partial Thromboplastin Time
Postpartum mood disorder screening 10/26/2015 Advisory Perinatal
Geriatric consultation teams/assessments in acute care hospitals: effect on patient outcomes 10/16/2015 Inventory Geriatric assessment
Urgent surgery for patients with open fractures 10/07/2015 Review Surgery
Career advancement for advance practice providers 9/03/2015 Special Report Physician Assistant
Post-event debriefing for nurses and other hospital staff 9/08/2015 Nursing Debrief
Nurse-directed dietary advancement for patients in the acute care setting 9/24/2015 IT Oral intake
Biosimilars 7/29/2015 Pharmacy Biosimilars
Non-pharmacologic strategies for violence prevention in the emergency department 7/09/2015 Nursing Emergency room
Patient characteristics associated with bronchial artery embolization outcomes 7/24/2015 Radiology Hemoptysis
Diagnosis of pulmonary embolism in joint replacement patients 7/2/2015 Orthopedic surgery Total hip arthroplasty
Guidelines for management of massive hemoptysis 7/2/2015 Radiology Hemoptysis
Nursing support in an integrated care environment 6/30/2015 Nursing Nursing Leadership
Algorithms for the management of upper gastrointestinal bleeding 5/27/2015 Gastroenterology Gastrointestinal hemorrhage
Guidelines for platelet and anticoagulation management in minor invasive procedures 5/27/2015 Critical Care Bleeding
Patient perspectives on what is valued most in their healthcare experience 4/30/2015 Palliative Care Patient preference
Inpatient mental health unit décor 4/1/2015 Other Psychiatric department
Nurse practitioner models of preceptorship 3/16/2015 Nursing Nurse practitioner training
Pre-operative cardiovascular surgery patient education 2/25/2015 Nursing Preadmission education
Algorithms for the management of massive hemoptysis in the acute care setting 2/9/2015 Radiology Haemoptysis
Locking solutions for central venous catheters 1/15/2015 Nursing Central venous catheter
Hospitalist clinics for post-discharge care 1/15/2015 General Medicine Post-discharge clinic
Oral rehydration therapy for adults with acute infectious gastrointestinal disease 1/7/2015 Critical care Oral rehydration
Update: Cognitive and procedural skills of aging physicians 12/12/2014 Other Aging
Interventions to expedite administration of antibiotics 12/3/2014 Nursing Antibiotics
Rehydration, anti-diarrheal, and anti-emetic therapy for patients with Ebola virus disease 12/3/2014 Critical Care Ebola virus disease
Advance care planning in the outpatient oncology setting 12/2/2014 Oncology Advance directive
Calmare for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy 11/5/2014 Oncology Calmare
Models of physician employment/affiliation after an AMC-Community Hospital merger 10/27/2014 Other Physician alignment
Management of intraductal papilloma of the breast 10/8/2014 Surgery Papilloma
Management of geriatric depression identified in the acute care setting 9/23/2014 Nursing Depression
Supplemental oxygen therapy for patients with acute myocardial infarction 9/17/2014 Emergency Medicine Oxygen
Conceptual models of continuity: current perspectives 9/11/2014 Other Continuity of patient care
Patient-controlled analgesia for management of acute sickle cell disease 9/4/2014 Nursing Sickle cell disease
Oral versus intravenous antibiotics for pediatric oncology patients with fever 9/4/2014 Oncology Febrile neutropenia
Thromboelastography 7/29/2014 Critical Care Thromboelastography
Interventions to reduce stress among nurses caring for patients with sickle cell disease 7/18/2014 Nursing Sickle cell disease
Safety of renal biopsy for patients taking aspirin 6/30/2014 Renal Kidney
Impact of physician specialty and hospital models of care on healthcare utilization in patients with sickle cell disease 6/17/2014 Nursing Sickle cell disease
Allocating nursing personnel across units: shift-to-shift staffing 6/16/2014 Nursing Nurse staffing
Sequencing of urinalysis and urine culture in catheterized patients with suspected urinary tract infection 6/12/2014 Infectious Disease Urinalysis
Risk factors for high resource utilization in patients with sickle cell disease 6/10/2014 Nursing Sickle cell disease
Blood count and coagulation testing before renal biopsy 5/27/2014 Renal Kidney
Separate instrument sets for prevention of tumor seeding during tumor resection and flap surgery 5/27/2014 Surgery Free tissue flap
Psychosocial interventions for patients with sickle cell disease 5/7/2014 Nursing Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Observation care and the two midnight rule: current perspectives and publications (2013-2014) 4/30/2014 Other Observation status
Docusate for treatment of constipation 4/25/2014 Gastroenterology docusate
Intravenous insulin infusion: The evidence for safe nursing administration practice 4/22/2014 Nursing Insulin therapy
Association of lumen number and diameter with complications in peripherally-inserted central catheters 3/28/2014 Nursing PICC
Aspirin for VTE prophylaxis in hip and knee replacement surgery 3/28/2014 Orthopedics Aspirin
Social media, text messaging, and post-discharge communication 3/26/2014 Primary Care Social Media
Glucose monitoring and insulin administration for patients receiving total enteral nutrition 3/20/2014 Nursing Artifical nutrition
Urinalysis and urine culture specimens taken from old versus new urinary catheters in patients with suspected urinary tract infection 3/13/2014 Infectious Disease Urinary catheter
Improving processes of care and reducing readmissions for patients with sickle cell disease 3/6/2014 Primary Care Sickle cell disease
Gum chewing to reduce postoperative ileus among patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery or cystectomy 2/17/2014 Nursing Sugarless gum
Carto Univu for cardiac ablation 2/7/2014 Cardiology Catheter ablation
Quality of evidence in a systematic review on early skin-to-skin contact for mothers and their healthy newborn infants 1/29/2014 Other Breastfeeding
Automated hand hygiene monitoring systems 1/21/2014 Infectious Disease Hand hygiene
Opioid-induced sedation scales 1/15/2014 Nursing Sedation scale
Guidelines for initiating antiretroviral therapy in hospital inpatients with HIV 12/5/2013 Infectious Disease Antiretroviral
Thromboelastography-guided heparin use for the prevention of venous thromboembolism 11/15/2013 Hematology Thromboelastography
Antihistamine agents added to opioid analgesia 11/13/2013 Emergency Medicine Antihistamine
Central venous catheter removal 11/1/2013 Critical Care Central line
Dexmedetomidine for sedation of cardiac surgical patients 10/28/2013 Surgery Dexmedetomidine
Appropriate use of lumbar fusion surgery 10/24/2013 Surgery Lumbar fusion
Management of back pain following cardiac electrophysiology procedures 9/12/2013 Cardiology Cardiac electrophysiology
Use of midodrine with vasopressors in the intensive care unit: An evidence review from Penn Medicine’s Center for Evidence-based Practice 9/10/2013 Critical Care ProAmatine       
Physician training and credentialing for robotic surgery in obstetrics and gynecology 8/12/2013 Obstetrics and Gynecology Robotics
Obstetric early warning systems 8/8/2013 Obstetrics and Gynecology Pregnancy complications
Systematic reviews of robotic surgery in obstetrics and gynecology 8/7/2013 Obstetrics and Gynecology Robotics
Specialized geriatric care for hospitalized inpatients 7/31/2013 Other Acute Care for Elders
Management of patients after the removal of an indwelling urinary catheter 7/18/2013 Nursing Foley
Nurse-directed protocols for removal of indwelling urinary catheters 6/19/2013 Nursing Urinary catheters
Urine drug screening in chronic pain patients on opioid therapy 6/18/2013 Other Chronic pain
Nutrition during hospitalization for pediatric bronchiolitis 6/13/2013 Pediatrics Respiratory syncytial virus
Effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on bone fracture healing 6/3/2013 Orthropedics Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Nebulized hypertonic saline treatment for infants with bronchiolitis 5/30/2013 Pediatrics Bronchiolitis
Oxygen saturation discharge thresholds for infants admitted with bronchiolitis 5/22/2013 Pediatrics Bronchiolitis
Scales for assessing inpatients’ risk of accidental falls 5/10/2013 Nursing Accidental falls
Frequently-overused technologies 5/7/2013 Other Unnecessary procedures
Routine replacement of peripheral intravenous catheters 4/19/2013 Nursing Peripheral intravenous catheter
Controlled medication agreements for opioid use in chronic pain 4/15/2013 Other Chronic pain
Cognitive and procedural skills of aging physicians 3/26/2013 Other Aging
Synthetic fleece (Polartec) attire: update 3/6/2013 Surgery Fleece
Community health workers 3/5/2013 Other Community health advisors
Intravenous or rectal acetaminophen for post-operative pain 3/1/2013 Pharmacy Acetaminophen
Disinfecting caps and antimicrobial locks for reducing blood stream infections associated with central venous catheters 3/1/2013 Nursing Central venous catheter
Relationship between hemoglobin A1c levels and complications after elective hip and knee surgery 2/6/2013 Orthropedics HbA1c
Esophageal temperature measurement to prevent complications of catheter ablation 2/5/2013 Cardiology Catheter ablation
Risk of neonatal herpes simplex virus type 1 infection associated with jewish ritual circumcision 1/21/2013 Pediatrics Circumcision
Hourly rounding and other interventions to improve patient satisfaction associated with responsiveness 1/7/2013 Nursing Patient rounds
Securement devices for peripherally inserted central venous catheters (PICCs) and Midline catheters 1/4/2013 Nursing Midline
Post-discharge telephone calls to reduce hospital readmissions 12/11/2012 Other Post-discharge follow-up
Systematic reviews of robot-assisted surgery: update 11/30/2012 Surgery Robotics
Supplementary feedings for healthy breastfed full-term infants 11/28/2012 Other Formula
Composite indexes of provider performance 11/13/2012 Primary Care Quality
Biliary drainage for chemotherapy patients 10/24/2012 Gastroenterology Biliary tract cancer
Guidelines for Use of Screening and Preventive Services 10/15/2012 Primary Care Screening
Reconciliation of data from differing electronic medical records 10/8/2012 Other Electronic medical record
Comparative effectiveness of troponin tests for diagnosis of myocardial infarction 9/17/2012 Emergency Medicine Troponin
Reducing Pneumonia Readmissions 9/14/2012 Other Readmission
Reducing AMI readmissions 8/29/2012 Other Acute myocardial infarction
Condom catheter use and catheter-associated urinary tract infections 8/1/2012 Nursing CAUTI
Implantable cardiac devices: Implications for outpatient endoscopy 7/23/2012 Other Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
Medications for treating acutely agitated or aggressive behavior in pediatric emergency patients 7/23/2012 Emergency Medicine Agitation
Credentialing for Robotic-assisted Surgery 7/23/2012 Surgery Robotics
Reducing heart failure readmissions 7/17/2012 Cardiology Chronic heart failure
Transfer of neurointensive care patients 7/13/2012 Emergency Medicine head injury
Colchicine for prevention of pericarditis and atrial fibrillation 6/12/2012 Cardiology Colchicine
Interventions to improve patient satisfaction 6/7/2012 Other Patient Satisfaction
Inpatient pharmacist interventions: Impact on ED visits, readmissions, length of stay, mortality, patient knowledge, medication adherence, and patient satisfaction 4/16/2012 Pharmacy Pharmacist involvement
Screening tests for aspiration and dysphagia 4/12/2012 Pulmonary Aspiration
Specialized neurocritical care units 3/16/2012 Critical Care Head injury
Guidelines for admission to long-term acute care hospitals 3/16/2012 Critical Care Long-term care
Long-term acute care hospitals 3/16/2012 Critical Care Hospital administration
Preventable Mortality 3/16/2012 Other Avoidable death
Best practices for preventing aspiration pneumonia in hospitalized patients 2/17/2012 Pulmonary Aspiration
Bone morphogenetic proteins and bone marrow aspirate concentrate for tibial fractures and long bone nonunions 2/16/2012 Orthopedic surgery Osteobiologics
CT for acute chest pain 1/26/2012 Emergency Medicine Ischemic heart disease
Electromagnetically-assisted feeding tube placement 1/25/2012 Nursing Dobbhoff
Preventable Readmissions 1/24/2012 other Avoidable Readmission
Guidelines for platelet or plasma transfusion in lumbar puncture patients 1/24/2012 Hematology Platelets
Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy 1/24/2012 Oncology Chemotherapy
Comparative effectiveness of devices for detection of respiratory distress in post-operative patients 1/9/2012 Anesthesia Respiratory distress
Examining the Evidence in KBC Nursing Practice Guidelines 12/22/2011 Nursing Clinical Practice Guidelines
Celecoxib for pain control in joint arthroplasty 12/7/2011 Orthopedics Celecoxib
Argon plasma coagulation for surgical procedures 11/29/2011 Surgery Plasma
Systems for early warning of patient deterioration 10/28/2011 Critical care Early warning
Prevention of contrast-induced nephropathy: Acetylcysteine, sodium bicarbonate, or saline 10/4/2011 Medical Intensive Care N-Acetylcysteine
Safety and Effectiveness of rhBMP-2 (Infuse Bone Graft) for Spinal Fusion: 2011 Update 9/15/2011 Orthopedic surgery Neurosurgery
Telemedicine for patients with congestive heart failure 9/14/2011 Cardiology Telemedicine
Healthcare Worker Clothing and Infection Control 9/14/2011 Infectious Disease Infection control
Thermometers for pediatric use 8/16/2011 Nursing Thermometer
Thromboelastography for determining transfusion requirements 7/26/2011 Surgery Thromboelastography
Telemedicine in follow-up of chemotherapy patients 7/19/2011 Oncology Telemedicine
Brief screening tests for depression in emergency patients 7/5/2011 Emergency Medicine Depression
Antibiotic Management for Pediatric Appendicitis 6/29/2011 Surgery Appendicitis
Seasonal Variation in Readmission Rates 6/1/2011 Medicine Patient readmission
Collection and Testing of Urine Samples for Suspected Urinary Tract Infection in Children 5/17/2011 Pediatrics Urinary tract infection
One To One Nursing Care for Patient Safety 5/6/2011 Nursing Continuous observation
Tests for Early Diagnosis of Sepsis 4/18/2011 Critical Care Sepsis
GI bleeding prophylaxis for critical care patients 4/15/2011 Critical Care GI bleeding
Guidelines for Management of Sepsis 4/14/2011 Critical Care Sepsis
Medical care costs and productivity changes associated with smoking 4/8/2011   Smoking
Impact of retracted articles on the evidence base for hydroxyethyl starch 3/11/2011 Surgery Hetastarch
Tunneled vs. non-tunneled catheters for acute hemodialysis 2/28/2011 Renal Renal dialysis
Active Management and Treatment of Postpartum Hemorrhage 2/28/2011 Obstetrics and Gynecology Hemorrhage
Risk Factors for Hospital Readmission 2/9/2011 Medicine Hospital readmission
Femoral closure devices for cardiac catheterization 1/7/2011 Cardiology Hemostatic techniques
Transradial access for cardiac catheterization 1/7/2011 Cardiology Coronary angiography
Guidelines for verifying Dobbhoff tube placement 1/7/2011 Nursing Nasogastric tube
Postpartum Management of Hypertensive Disorders 12/21/2010 Obstetrics and Gynecology Pre-eclampsia
Calibration of computerized drug interaction alerts 12/17/2010 Pharmacy Computerized physician order entry
Albumin use in the healthcare setting 12/17/2010 Critical Care Albumin
Prevention of catheter-associated venous thrombosis 12/14/2010 Nursing Central venous catheter
Routine Newborn Monitoring Immediately Following Birth 12/10/2010 Maternal Fetal Medicine Newborn
Pre-operative hair removal in different settings to decrease surgical site infections 11/30/2010 Surgery Hair removal
Osteobiologic Utilization at Penn Medicine 11/23/2010 Orthopedic Surgery Osteobiologics
Care Management 11/16/2010 General Medicine Care Management
Adapting Penn Medicine's Inpatient Services to Meet the ACGME's Proposed Duty Hour Regulations 10/26/2010 General Medicine Duty Hours
Management of central venous catheters in hemodialysis patients with bloodstream infections 10/7/2010 Renal Central venous catheter
Guidelines for warfarin use in orthopedic surgery patients 10/6/2010 Surgery Warfarin
Silver coated dressings for prevention of surgical site infections in cardiac surgery patients 10/5/2010 Surgery Silver coated dressing
GI bleeding risks with celecoxib 9/15/2010 Surgery Celecoxib
CT for Acute Chest Pain 9/15/2010 Emergency Medicine Ischemic heart disease
Portable intermittent pneumatic compression devices to prevent venous thromboembolism 9/8/2010 Surgery Venous Thromboembolism
Bleeding risks from celecoxib vs. non-selective NSAIDS in orthopedic surgery 8/26/2010 Surgery Celecoxib
The Use of Bispectral Index Monitoring for Patients Receving Therapeutic Hypothermia 8/24/2010 Nursing Bispectral index
Osteobiologics: An Update 8/18/2010 Orthopedic surgery Osteobiologics
The effect of the timing of cardiac catheterization prior to cardiac surgery on post-operative renal outcomes 8/17/2010 Renal Cardiac catheterization
Vertos mild for lumbar decompression 8/13/2010 Surgery Spinal stenosis
Comparative Effectiveness of Torsemide for Edema in Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients 8/4/2010 Cardiology Torsemide
Incretin-based Therapies for Inpatient Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: An Update 8/3/2010 Endocrinology Sitagliptin
Antimicrobial sutures for prevention of surgical infections 7/30/2010 Surgery Sutures
Electrosurgical smoke 7/21/2010 Surgery Electrosurgery
Recombinant coagulation factor VIIa (rFVIIa) for treatment of bleeding and transient normalization of inr in patients on warfarin anticoagulation 7/21/2010 Hematology Factor VIIa
Ex-PRESS glaucoma shunt for ocular drainage 6/28/2010 Opthamology Glaucoma Drainage Implants
Urine Drug Screening in Chronic Pain Patients on Opioid Therapy 6/8/2010 General Medicine Urine Drug Screening
Permacol Implants for Hernia Repair 6/3/2010 Surgery Biocompatible materials
Preventing Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections In Home Infusion Patients 5/30/2010 Infectious Disease Bloodstream Infections
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Insomnia 5/25/2010 Sleep medicine Insomnia
Risk factors for complications of percutaneous coronary intervention 5/17/2010 Cardiology Angioplasty
Management of retroperitoneal bleeding in coronary catheterization patients 5/4/2010 Cardiology Retroperitoneal space
Guidelines for Care After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) 4/22/2010 Cardiology Percutaneous coronary transluminal angioplasty
Core Measures 4/14/2010 Emergency Medicine Ischemic heart disease
Controlled Medication Agreements for Opioid Use in Chronic Pain 4/13/2010 General Medicine Chronic Pain
Management of the Second Stage of Labor 4/13/2010 Obstetrics and Gynecology Second Stage Labor
Use of Opioids for Treatment of Fibromyalgia 3/26/2010 General Medicine Fibromyalgia
Use of Opioids for Treating Chronic Back Pain 3/26/2010 General Medicine Back Pain
Glycemic Control in Critically Ill Patients 2/1/2010 Critical Care Glycemic Control
Pre-Operative Chlorhexidine Skin Antiseptic in Preventing Surgical Site Infections 2/1/2010 Surgery Chlorhexidine
Dexmedetomidine for Sedation During Intubation 1/27/2010 Anesthesia Dexmedetomidine
Dalteparin Dosing for Pregnant Patients 1/19/2010 Obstetrics and Gynecology Dalteparin Low molecular weight heparins
Update: Low Molecular Weight Heparins for Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism in Total Knee Arthroplasty Patients 1/10/2010 Orthopedics Venous thromboembolism
Comparative Effectiveness of Thermometry Devices 1/1/2010 Nursing Thermometry
Transfusion Thresholds for Orthopedic Surgery Patients 1/1/2010 Transfusion Orthopedic surgery
Early Term Induction of Labor 12/20/2009 Obstetrics and Gynecology Labor Induction
Transfusion Thresholds for Cardiovascular Surgery Patients 12/1/2009 Transfusion Cardiovascular surgery
Dexmedetomidine for Sedation of Non-Surgical Patients 11/24/2009 Anesthesia Dexmedetomidine
Systematic Reviews of Robotic-assisted Surgery 11/24/2009 Surgery Robot
Annotated search: Clinical trials of dexmedetomidine in surgery and other invasive procedures 11/24/2009 Anesthesia Dexmedetomidine
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Patients with Influenza-related Respiratory Complications 11/24/2009 Critical Care Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Physician Compensation and Medical Professionalism 10/28/2009   Conflicts of Interest
Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Devices for Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis 10/12/2009 General Medicine Venous thromboembolism
Recombiant Factor VIIA for Cardiovascular Surgery 9/30/2009 Hematology Factor VIIA
Guidelines for Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome 9/9/2009 Critical Care Alcohol Withdrawal
Screening Tests for Recent Heavy Alcohol Use 9/9/2009 Critical Care Alcohol Withdrawal
Symptom-Triggered vs. Fixed-Schedule Treatment In Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome 9/9/2009 Critical Care Alcohol Withdrawal
Smoking Cessation for Inpatients 8/9/2009 Pulmonary Smoking Cessation
Albumin Use in Hepatorenal Syndrome and Large Volume Paracentesis 8/1/2009 Gastroenterology Albumin
Prevention of Falls in Community-Dwelling Elderly Persons 7/9/2009 General Medicine Falls
Varenicline for Smoking Cessation 6/9/2009 Pulmonary Smoking Cessation
Reprocessing of Arthroscopic Shavers 6/3/2009 Surgery Reprocessing
Reprocessing of Arthroscopic Wands 6/3/2009 Surgery Reprocessing
Reprocessing of Laparoscopic Trocars 6/3/2009 Surgery Reprocessing
Reprocessing of Ultrasonic Scalpels 6/3/2009 Surgery Reprocessing
Drug Eluting Stents for Treatment Of Coronary Artery Disease 5/1/2009 Cardiology Stents
Allen Test for Predicting Complications from Arterial Cannulation 5/1/2009 Nursing Allen Test
Reprocessing of Surgical Drills 4/2/2009 Surgery Reprocessing
Hybrid Revascularization 4/2/2009 Cardiology Hybrid revascularization
Incretin-based Therapies for Inpatient Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 4/1/2009 Endocrinology Incretins
Management of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Wards/Intermediate Care Units 4/1/2009 Endocrinology Diabetic Ketoacidosis
High Frequency Jet Ventilation in Cardiac Ablation Procedures 3/19/2009 Cardiology Jet ventilation
Post Operative use of COX-2 Inhibitors in Bone Surgery 3/1/2009 Orthopedics Vioxx
Observation Units 3/1/2009 Critical Care Observation
Mechanical Prophylaxis for Venous Thromboembolism after Ambulatory Surgery 2/26/2009 Surgery Venous thromboembolism
Evidence-based Design for Hospital Noise Reduction 2/23/2009 Design and Construction Noise
Isosmolar Iodixanol versus Low-Osmolar Contrast Agents for Imaging 2/1/2009 Radiology Contrast Agents
Indications for Transfusion of Blood Components 2/1/2009 Hematology Transfusion
IV Injection Sites for Post-Mastectomy Patients 1/21/2009 Nursing Mastectomy
Managing the Difficult Airway 1/9/2009 Critical Care Airway
Prevention of Surgical Site Infections 1/1/2009 Surgery Surgical site infections
Management of Acute Lower GI Bleeding 1/1/2009 Radiology gastrointestinal bleeding
Prevention of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia 1/1/2009 Critical Care Pneumonia
IV Placement in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients 1/1/2009 Nursing Chronic renal disease
Guidelines for Surgical Pain Management 12/11/2008 Anesthesia Pain
Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis for Bariatric Surgery 11/1/2008 Surgery Venous thromboembolism
Preventing Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections 11/1/2008 Infectious Disease Urinary tract infections
Preventing Catheter Associated Blood Stream Infections 11/1/2008 Infectious Disease Bloodstream Infections
Preventing Pressure Ulcers 11/1/2008 Nursing Pressure Ulcers
Preventing Patient Falls 11/1/2008 Nursing Falls
Incentive Spirometry to Prevent Post-Operative Respiratory Complications 10/1/2008 Critical Care Spirometry
Academic Health Centers and their Community Mission 8/1/2008 General Medicine Community
Skin Substitutes for Surgical Wound Repair 7/1/2008 Surgery Skin Substitutes
Prevention and Management of Delirium 7/1/2008 Neurology Delirium
Point of Care Testing for Monitoring Anticoagulation Therapy 5/1/2008 General Medicine Point of Care Testing
Weight-based Dosing Nomograms for Unfractionated Heparin 5/1/2008 General Medicine Nomograms
Inpatient Telemetry Monitoring 4/1/2008 Cardiology Telemetry
Intravenous Injection of Hydrogen Peroxide for Infections 4/1/2008 Infectious Disease Hydrogen Peroxide
Reprocessing of Femoral Vascular Closure Devices 4/1/2008 Surgery Reprocessing
Reprocessing of Cardiac Positioning Devices 4/1/2008 Surgery Reprocessing
Reprocessing of Tourniquet Cuffs 4/1/2008 Surgery Reprocessing
Reprocessing of External Fixation Devices 4/1/2008 Surgery Reprocessing
Recombinant Factor VIIa for Uncontrolled Bleeding 3/1/2008 Hematology Factor VIIA
Selection and Initiation of Specialized Nutrition Support Therapy 3/1/2008 Gastroenterology Nutrition
Gadolinium Based Contrast Agents for MRI 3/1/2008 Radiology Gadolinium
Reprocessing of Single-Use Medical Devices 3/1/2008 General Medicine Reprocessing
Transitions of Care for Patients on Anticoagulation 2/1/2008 General Medicine Transitions
Heparin Flush for Maintaining Patency of Central Venous Catheters 2/1/2008 Nursing Heparin Flush
Chlorhexidine Wipes and Baths in the ICU 2/1/2008 Critical Care Chlorhexidine
Telemedicine for Critical Care 1/1/2008 Critical Care Telemedicine
Information on Zetia (ezetimibe) and Vytorin (combination ezetimibe and simvastatin) in the Context of the ENHANCE Trial 1/1/2008 Cardiology Ezetimibe
Preoperative Pregnancy Testing 1/1/2008 Obstetrics and Gynecology Pregnancy
Synthetic Fleece (Polartec) Attire in the Operating Room 12/1/2007 Nursing Fleece
Dexmedetomidine in Awake Craniotomy 10/1/2007 Surgery Dexmedetomidine
Peri-Operative Blood Conservation in Adults - An Evidence-based Protocol 10/1/2007 Surgery Blood conservation
Osteobiologics for Orthopedic Fusions 9/1/2007 Orthopedics Osteobiologics
Laminar Flow in Operating Rooms to Reduce Surgical Site Infections 9/1/2007 Surgery Laminar Flow
Prophylaxis for Venous Thromboembolism in Inpatients 8/1/2007 General Medicine Venous thromboembolism
Cooling Systems for Neurocritical Care Patients 6/1/2007 Critical Care Cooling
Induced Hypothermia Post-Cardiac Arrest 6/1/2007 Critical Care Hypothermia
Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis for Ischemic Stroke 6/1/2007 Neurology Venous thromboembolism
Intravenous Immunoglobulins in Hypogammaglobulinemic Transplant Patients 5/1/2007 Infectious Disease Immunoglobulins
Skin Antiseptics to Prevent Surgical Site Infections 5/1/2007 Surgery Chlorhexidine
Treatment of Venous Thromboembolisms in Inpatients 4/1/2007 General Medicine Venous thromboembolism
Fondaparinux for Treatment of Venous Thromboembolism 3/1/2007 General Medicine Fondaparinux
Use of Ultrasound for the Diagnosis of Deep Venous Thrombosis in Asymptomatic Inpatients 2/1/2007 Radiology Venous thromboembolism
Best Practices for the Inpatient to Outpatient Discharge Process 2/1/2007 General Medicine Transitions
Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis for Hip Fracture Patients 2/1/2007 Orthopedics Venous thromboembolism
Evaluation of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories for Interventional Cardiology 2/1/2007 Cardiology Cardiac Catheterization
Use of Drotrecogin Alfa (Activated protein C) for Adult Patients with Sepsis 1/1/2007 Critical Care Activated protein C
Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis for Medical Inpatients 1/1/2007 General Medicine Venous thromboembolism
Weight-based Low Molecular Weight Heparin versus Weight-based Unfractionated Heparin for Venous Thromboembolism Treatment 1/1/2007 General Medicine Low Molecular Weight Heparin
Aprotinin Use in Adult Cardiac Surgery 11/1/2006 Surgery Aprotinin

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