Penn Dermatology

Patient Evaluation for Mohs and Reconstructive Surgery at Penn

Referring physicians and dermatologists from across the Philadelphia region send their patients to Penn Dermatology for Mohs micrographic and reconstructive surgery.

Evaluation for Mohs Surgery

While many community-based dermatologists and primary care doctors counsel their patients in advance about the Mohs surgical process, Penn's dermatologic surgeons meet with and evaluate patients prior to surgery to discuss any pre-operative concerns related to skin cancer and its treatment.

Evaluation procedures include counseling patients on the surgical process — this communication puts patients and their families at ease prior to surgery. During the evaluation phase, patients learn about the procedure and the benefits of undergoing Mohs surgery at Penn.

Penn Dermatology's state-of-the-art surgical suites provide on-site laboratories to process skin biopsies and give immediate results to the patient. Mohs surgeons at Penn handle all aspects of the surgery and reconstruction including:

  • Performing the surgery
  • Examining the microscopic cancerous lesion or tumor on location at the on-site laboratory
  • Performing the surgical reconstruction
  • Ensuring high success rates and exceptional cure rates for most patients undergoing this highly skilled procedure