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Division of General Internal Medicine

Education and Research Training

Children's Hospital General Pediatrics Training Program

The Pediatric Physician-Scientist Fellowship offers pediatric providers the training to design, implement and evaluate original health services and clinical epidemiology research. The fellowship is intended primarily for general pediatricians, but is open to pediatric providers from all subspecialties who are interested in performing broad-based pediatric research to understand the healthcare needs of children and to improve children's health and healthcare delivery. The goal of the fellowship is to prepare trainees to work as independent researchers in academics, government, healthcare systems, foundations or industry.

The fellow will successfully complete at least two research projects and is encouraged to present the results of these projects at national meetings and in peer-reviewed journals. At least 80 percent of the fellow's time is protected for education development of research skills and the performance of research. Clinical responsibilities for the fellow will not exceed 20 percent of his or her total work time. The fellow may choose to work as an attending on the General Pediatric Inpatient Service and/or in the outpatient setting in one of the Hospital's Primary Care Centers. In each year, the fellow will lead two clinical conferences.

Students also are required to plan a research project in detail, complete this project and write up the results in the form of a thesis. Finally, students also are required to participate in a series of programs for which course unit credits are not awarded. These requirements include: participation for at least one year in the weekly CCEB Research Seminar, which runs from September through June annually; completion of an online seminar on the ethics of biomedical research and completion of the School of Medicine's online Patient Oriented Certification Program.