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Division of General Internal Medicine

Eligibility Application Procedures


  • Physicians who have completed residency with a strong research interest in primary care. Preference is given to general internists and general pediatricians, though other specialists with primary care research interests may apply.
  • Nursing post-doctoral students who have a research interest in primary care.
  • Post-doctoral students in the social sciences who are interested in research pertaining to primary care
  • Applicants must be a citizen or non-citizen national of the U.S. or a permanent resident


We have a rolling admissions policy with the final application deadline being November 15, 2017 for admission in the program that starts July 1, 2018. Applications will be accepted after this date, but consideration for funding requires a timely application submission.

How to Apply

  • A link to the application with instructions can be found here
  • Three letters of recommendation are required. Please have your writers fill out this form.

Inquiries about the Penn PCRTP should be addressed to:

Sade Paige
12th floor Blockley Hall

423 Guardian Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021
Tel: 215-573-5536
Fax: 215-898-9924
Email: paigsade@mail.med.upenn.edu 

Penn Primary Care Research Training Program Director:

Rachel M. Werner, MD, PhD

General Internal Medicine Fellowship Director:

Marilyn M. Schapira, MD, MPH

General Pediatrics Fellowship Director:

Chris Feudtner, MD, PhD

Primary Care Nursing Post-doctoral Director:

Julie Sochalski