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Presentations: Economics Assessment in Clinical Trials: Design & Analysis

Drug Information Association

London, United Kingdom
February 15-16, 2001


Tutorial Introduction to Designing and Analyzing Economic Assessments in Clinical Trials
Wednesday, February 14, 2001


Session 1 Economic Analysis in Randomized Trials: The Policy Setting

  • What does NICE want? Evidence to date - Adrian Towse, Office of Health Economics, UK

  • Making Re-imbursement Decisions - What Evidence is Relevant and Helpful to NICE - Prof. Ron Akehurst, University of Sheffield, UK

  • An Economic Approach to Trial Design and Research Prioritisation - Dr. Tony Ades, University of Bristol, UK

  • Estimating Population Impacts from Results of Randomized Controlled Trials - Dr. Josephine A. Mauskopf, Research Triangle Institute, USA


Session 2 Analysing Costs and Outcomes from Randomized Trials

  • Analysing Cost Data and Resource Use from Randomized Controlled Trials and Administrative Databases - Dr. Georges Carides, Merck Research Laboratories, USA

  • Estimating Medical Costs from Incomplete Follow-up Data - Dr. Daniel Polsky, University of Pennsylvania, USA

  • Modelling the Treatment of Degenerative Diseases - Prof. Paul Fenn, University of Nottingham, UK

  • Willingness -to-pay as an Outcome Measure in Clinical Trials: Potentials and Pitfalls - Dr. Philip Clarke, University of Oxford, UK

  • What is QALY and what does it Measure? - Prof. Alistar McGuire & Maria Raikou, City University, UK


Session 3 Addressing Uncertainty in Randomized Trials


Session 4 Bayesian Analysis of Economic Outcomes in Randomized Trials