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Short Courses: Statistical Considerations in Economic Evaluations

ISPOR 11th Annual Meeting
1:00 - 5:00, May 21, 2006

Course Description:

The adoption and diffusion of new medical treatments depend increasingly on evidence of costs and cost effectiveness. This evidence is increasingly being generated from patient level data in randomized study designs. This course will discuss design and analysis issues that arise when conducting such analyses. Specifically, we will address topics on strategic issues in the design of economic assessments, sample size and power calculations, analysis of costs and how it is affected by distributional assumptions, and assessing stochastic uncertainty. The course will be practical in orientation and will routinely provide examples to illustrate the "how-to's".

This course is an introductory/intermediate level. Familiarity with economics and statistics will be helpful.

  • Jalpa Doshi, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

  • Henry Glick, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

  • Daniel Polsky, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania