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Short Courses: Economic Assessment in Clinical Trials

MDM Short Course PM7
2:00 - 5:30, Sunday October18, 2009

Background: Prospective economic evaluation of clinical trials is an increasingly important component of the clinical development program for new clinical therapies. In this course, the faculty and participants will explore issues in the design and analysis of economic assessments in trials and introduce both standard and recently proposed statistical methods for these assessments.

• Design, implement and analyze economic outcomes within the setting of RCTs;
• Evaluate patient-level medical costs; and
• Evaluate stochastic uncertainty in cost-effectiveness analysis

Course Description:The instructors will outline the steps in the economic evaluation and provide an understanding of the strategic issues in the design of economic assessments in clinical trials.
Issues related to choice of univariate and multivariate methods (OLS, log-OLS, GLM) for evaluating and reporting the effect of treatments on costs will be described and illustrated. The large number of methods available for reporting on stochastic uncertainty related to the comparison of costs and effects will be introduced, strengths and weaknesses of each discussed and preferred methods
for confidence interval estimation highlighted.

Format, Requirements and Target Audience: The course format is primarily didactic; its content is both theoretical and applied (with STATA 8.0 computer software documented to assist in use). The course is designed for people with some familiarity with statistics and prospective economic data collection in trials.

  • Henry Glick, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
  • Daniel Polsky, PhD, University of Pennsylvania