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Core Laboratory

Located in the Longnecker Anesthesia Research Laboratories, in the John Morgan Building, the Core Labs serve the department by providing space, equipment and expertise to conduct a wide variety of measurements in biologic samples and model systems.

Qing Cheng Meng, PhD

Qing Cheng Meng, PhD, the laboratory supervisor, has decades of experience in analytical biochemistry, bioassays and technology development and maintenance. He is available for consultation by any department faculty, and has frequently developed novel and improved assays as a result of these consultations.

Equipment in the Core Labs enables cutting-edge investigations. General capabilities include:

  • Several high performance liquid chromatography with both analytical and preparativemcolumns. Detectors include UV, fluorescence and refractive index
  • UV-vis & fluorescence spectroscopy, microplate readers and automated gel quantitation systems. Beta and gamma counters
  • Electrophoresis: Large and small slab, and continuous elution PAGE systems
  • Bench-top, super-speed and ultra centrifuges with a wide variety of rotors
  • Cell culture facility with double-wide hood and several incubators
  • Microscopy and digital imaging suites for low and high power studies and fluorescence.
  • Dark room
  • Freezers (-80, -30, -10 degrees C), cold room, lyophilizers and autoclave
  • Blood gas analyzers, thromboelastometry (TEG)
  • Slice Electrophysiology
  • Rodent behavior laboratory: Morris Water Maze, Rotarod, Barnes Maze testing
  • Tissue sectioning and immunohistochemistry.
  • Unix (SGI), Linux workstations, HP Poster printer

There are also extended and highly specialized capabilities in the laboratories that are available for faculty use in collaboration with specific faculty investigators:

  • Isothermal titration microcalorimetry (Eckenhoff)
  • Laser Dynamic Light Scattering (Eckenhoff)
  • In vivo videomicroscopy (Eckmann)
  • Bacterial protein expression facility (Eckenhoff)
  • Radiolabeled microsphere blood flow studies (Armstead)
  • Cranial window blood flow studies (Armstead)
  • Rodent stereotaxic surgery and EEG analysis (Kelz)
  • Vibratome, compresstome (Kelz)


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