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Anesthesiology Research Training

Research rotations in Anesthesia are available. The faculty have always provided to anesthesia residents short laboratory or clinical research experiences to whet their appetite for investigative careers. The experiences are typically 2-6 months in length, often occurring in the third clinical year.

Opportunities for residents to present their research findings are provided, such as at the Annual Pennsylvania Anesthesiology Resident Research Conference.

Similar opportunities exist for medical, graduate and undergraduate students. Students are encouraged to contact faculty for rotations and/or thesis projects; many of our faculty hold appointments in basic science departments, and are members of graduate groups.

The Dripps scholarship is awarded to the most competitive proposal of a CA-1 resident. The scholar is awarded a stipend of $10,000 during each of their CA-2 and 3 years, and guaranteed fellowship opportunities involving a minimum of 12 months of research. The Dripps scholarship recognizes and helps to develop those unique individuals destined to play a leadership role in academic anesthesiology in the future.

Dripps Scholoar Andrew cKinstry, MD

After residency, the Dripps Scholars have pursued academic careers. After completing  a critical care medicine fellowship at HUP, Meghan Lane, MD is currently an instructor at Penn with research support from both the CHIPS fellowship and a T-32 Training Grant supported by NHLBI and administered by the Department. Meghan’s research interests include processes of care in critically ill patients and advancement of quality improvement research in the perioperative setting. Jonathan Pan, MD, PhD, is an instructor of Anesthesiology at UCSF and continuing research at the Brain and Spinal Injury Center. Andrew McKinstry. MD (right) is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow on the T-32 Training Grant supported by NIGMS and administered by the Department. Andrew works with Max Kelz, MD, PhD on optoanesthesia.


There are many opportunities for postdoctoral positions in the department and are usually funded by individual faculty grants. Candidates are encouraged to contact faculty members directly for availability.

For more information about research opportunities, contact Roderic Eckenhoff, Vice-Chair for Research.

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