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Travel Medicine

Travel MedicineThe Travel Medicine and Immunization Service provides comprehensive immunization and counseling services for those planning to travel abroad.

The service offers:

  • All immunizations necessary for travel to exotic countries.
  • Counseling and information about the risks of illness from food and water, altitude, road travel, infections and evironmental hazards.
  • Helpful information on insurance issues while traveling.
  • Counseling for those with existing illnesses (such as heart disease, diabetes and chronic lung disease) on how to minimize health problems while traveling.
  • On-site immunizations and travel counsel for corporate employees. Group rates are negotiable.
  • Referral for travelers who return from overseas with symptoms to the International Medicine Clinic at Penn, which includes experts in tropical medicine and infectious disease.
  • List of English-speaking physicians in your country of destination, and helpful phone numbers while traveling abroad.
  • Immunization for children traveling abroad is coordinated with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

For more information, visit the Travel Medicine at Penn web site.