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Emergency Medicine (EM) is an exciting, diverse, challenging, and evolving medical specialty that focuses on the acute care of patients with all types of illnesses. EM physicians deliver a wide range of services involving both pre-hospital and hospital care. In any one shift, a physician may:

  • give advice or on-site assistance to a paramedic
  • direct a major trauma or medical resuscitation
  • deliver a baby
  • splint a broken limb
  • direct the care of an acute myocardial infarction

In addition to being skilled in a variety of procedures, EM physicians must be able to recognize serious illness in the early, often benign-appearing stages.

These skills and knowledge are obtained through a broad-based training program that includes internal medicine, pediatrics, ob/gyn, anesthesia, general surgery and the surgical subspecialties.

The Department of Emergency Medicine at Penn offers a wide range of educational programs, including:

For medical student research opportunities and/or scholarly projects within our department, please contact Dr. Judd Hollander ( or Dr. Robert Neumar ( with the Institute for Neurological Sciences.

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