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Emergency Medicine Sub-Intern Electives

EM 308 Course

Iris M. Reyes, MD
Subinternship Director
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
O: 215-662-6057

Janae Watson
Medical Student Coordinator
O: 215-662-6963

This is a 4 week course designed for upper level students with particular interest in improving their emergency medicine (EM) skills. During this rotation particular emphasis will be placed on refining history taking and physical examination skills, developing focused approaches to chief complaints, improving interpersonal skills particularly in communicating laboratory results and diagnostic concerns with patients, and improve diagnostic test ordering.

Over the 4 weeks the students will work 14 clinical shifts. These will include days, evenings, nights, and weekend shifts. During these shifts they will work independently when initially evaluating patients. They will then present their patients and their treatment plans to the senior emergency medicine residents or attendings on duty at that time.

In addition, students will attend didactics within the EM's residency program as well as within the pediatric emergency medicine fellowship program at our sister hospital, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Students will have the opportunity to visit the Delaware Valley Poison Center, to attend departmental research meetings, to visit the hyperbaric chamber, and to visit the Center for Resuscitation Science. Included in the course curriculum is an in-service on ultrasound use in the ED, a dedicated shift working with an ultrasound fellow, a session at Penn's simulation center, and a case conference with the chair, Dr. Baren. At the end of the rotation, students will present a 20-minute discussion based upon a patient they have seen to the other rotating students and the course coordinator. Final evaluation will be based upon faculty evaluations and the case presentation.

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