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Meet our Faculty

One of the strongest aspects of our residency program is our faculty. They are leaders in emergency medicine who are genuinely committed to their patients. They strive daily to advance our understanding of the unique problems both clinical and systematic of our specialty both in the laboratory and in the clinical department at the bedside.

They represent tremendous intellectual resources that span multiple subspecialties of emergency medicine including hyperbaric medicine, EMS, toxicology, pediatric EM, and ultrasound, and we’re fortunate to be taught by daily. This diversity of clinical expertise allows us to have formal rotations in all these subspeciality areas.

In addition to their outstanding contributions to our field in leadership and research, they are also fantastic role models who do a great job balancing hard work with their family and personal pursuits. They’re people you want to learn from and play with and that makes for a great residency experience.

For a full list of faculty members and their profiles, visit the Faculty page.