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PGY - 1 (Class of 2017)


Anish Agarwal

J.R. Barrett

Hometown: Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Undergraduate: Tufts University
Medical School: Tufts University
Hobbies: Philly sports, running, food trucks, grilling/cooking, volleyball
Favorite book: Cutting for Stone (a brief shout out to my former life path), anything by Atul Gawande, and anyone who doesn't put either Harry Potter or the Hunger Games on this list is just lying to themselves...
Favorite song or band: No diggity. enough said. also all mashups.
Describe your perfect day off: 1. go for a run. 2. pool. 3. beer garden. 4. some sort of philly sports game where they actually win. 5. dinner at audrey claire. 6. repeat.

Hometown: Augusta, GA
Undergraduate: John Hopkins University
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
Hobbies: Swimming, triathlons, basketball, rock climbing, improving my culinary skills with my wife, Amanda, and exploring Philadelphia with our dog, Eva.
Favorite Food: Larb Gai - spicy chicken Thai dish that pairs excellently with a corona and lime.
Favorite song or band: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Coolest thing you've ever done: I went on an Easter egg hunt at the white house when I was 4


Kimberly Imbesi

Daniel Jafari

Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Undergraduate: Duke University
Medical School: Duke University
Hobbies: Photography, cooking, hiking, working out, hanging with friends and family
Favorite song or band: "Let it be" The Beatles
Coolest thing you've ever done: Participated in a city wide super soaker fight/water bucket throwing extravaganza to celebrate the Thailand new year!
Describe your perfect day off: I would sleep in a little, wake up, have a cup of coffee and read about current events. Then I would go for a run/hike/bike ride to get some nature time in. In the late afternoon I would go to the market, pick up some ingredients, come home and make a fun dinner. And if I happen to have time off with other people, would have them over to enjoy dinner and wine :)

Hometown: Tehran, Iran
Undergraduate: Imperial College London
Medical School: Iran University of Medical Sciences
Additional Degree: MPH
Favorite Food: Traditional Persian soup (Ash-reshteh)
Favorite book: Arguably: Selected Essays
Coolest thing you've ever done: Climbing the Great Wall of China


Soo Y. Jung

Bruce Kaczmarek

Hometown: Somewhere in South Korea
Undergraduate: University of Maryland
Medical School: University of Maryland
Hobbies: Anything you can imagine
Favorite Food: Korean BBQ, Tom Yum Gai, curry, sushi, pasta, fogo de chao, dan dan noodle, general Tso's chicken, etc
Coolest thing you've ever done: ask me in person
Most memorable place you've ever been: Himalayas

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Undergraduate: University of Michigan
Medical School: Wayne State University
Hobbies: running, swimming, trivia
Favorite book: This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Coolest thing you've ever done: Chicago marathon
Describe your perfect day off: sleep in, go for a long run along the riverfront, play outside in the sunshine, go to a pro baseball or hockey game



Jamie Linker

Dan Mirau

Additional Degree: MBE
Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ
Undergraduate: Cornell University
Medical School: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Hobbies: tennis, rock climbing, skiing, backpacking, soccer, softball, snowboarding, reading, singing, cooking, travel, Spanish
Favorite Food: gazpacho, strawberry shortcake
Favorite song or band: Bruno Mars, Lady Antebellum, OneRepublic
Most memorable place you've ever been: mountains of Montserrat, Spain and Yangshuo, China, and hiking through the water in the gorges of Ithaca, NY


Hometown: Van Nuys, CA
Undergraduate: The College of New Jersey
Medical School: UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School
Hobbies: Running, Cooking, Gadgetry, Teuthology, Macaroni Art
Favorite book: Catch-22
Favorite song or band: Ben Folds
Coolest thing you've ever done: Getting married in the backyard


Clinton Orloski

Erica Tabakin

Hometown: Butler, PA
Undergraduate: Bucknell University
Medical School: Dartmouth
Hobbies: Running, traveling, skiing, camping
Favorite Food: Definitely funfetti cake
Favorite song or band: Welcome Home, Son by Radical Face
Coolest thing you've ever done: A week-long trek through a leech infested section of the Annapurna Circuit in the Himalayas.

Hometown: Randolph, NJ
Undergraduate: The College of New Jersey
Medical School: UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson
Hobbies: cooking/hosting dinner parties, traveling, crafting, and of course sampling all the good eats in Philly
Favorite Food: chocolate, seafood
Favorite book: This Won't Hurt a Bit (and Other White Lies)
Coolest thing you've ever done: Won three gold medals for sewing formalwear




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