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Medical Education in Emergency Medicine

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Providing an Outstanding Education in Emergency Medicine

The Department of Emergency Medicine at Penn Medicine is committed to providing an outstanding education to any trainee, including residents and students, who rotates through our department — whether rotating for a required emergency medicine clerkship, performing research with our faculty, or completing our outstanding residency training program or one of our fellowships.

Our departmental mission is to achieve excellence in everything we do. From our research and scholarship to community engagement to further educating care providers, we’re always mindful that everything revolves around quality clinical care. Our faculty has a broad range of academic and personal interests, and they truly enjoy teaching and mentoring learners. Our clinical environment is fast paced and, at times, seemingly chaotic, but the nurses, students, residents, and faculty are held together with a spirit of collegiality, a sense of purpose, and an understanding that our work has value. We understand that the best learning occurs when the learner feels uncertain and challenged, has plenty of support, and is in a climate that is supportive and friendly.

Our educational programs span across our entire department and institution, from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania to Penn-Presbyterian Medical Center to Pennsylvania Hospital to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Please explore the menus above to learn more about our various education programs, and contact us if you have any questions.

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