Emergency Medicine

Ultrasound International Training

Both Nova Panebianco and A.J. Dean have an ongoing interest in global emergency medicine, particularly the promulgation of bedside ultrasonography.  In addition, in July 2014, the activities of the Division in this arena are going to be significantly expanded by the addition of a new faculty member Doctor Trish Henwood who is Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship trained and will also be taking on the role of "Director of Global EM Programs" in the department.

In the developing world, ultrasonography is often the sole imaging modality available, and has special advantages including low cost, low maintenance, transportability, durability and a wide (and expanding) range of clinical applications. In resource poor settings, the greatest impediment to the use of ultrasonography is not very different from that in the developed world: practitioners who want to benefit their patients with this powerful and flexible technology can only do so after high-quality training.  This gives rise to unique challenges as well as unique opportunities for those interested in the combination of ultrasonography and teaching. 

International training missions in ultrasonography have been undertaken by medical students, residents, and fellows as well as faculty through the Ultrasound Division. Training sites include Santiago Atitlán in Guatemala, South Africa, Chile, and Rwanda.  Since Dr. Trish Henwood is the Chairperson of the Board of PURE (http://www.ultrasound-rwanda.org/) in addition to her interest in global emergency medicine, it is anticipated that our activity in this field is likely to increase significantly. In addition, A.J. Dean is the Treasurer of WINFOCUS and has been engaged in training programs organized by WINFOCUS in Italy, Spain, Scotland, England, India, Australia, China, and Brazil. Winfocus has ongoing projects in various locations particularly the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil. These programs are ongoing opportunities for volunteer activities for those trained in the ultrasound program at Penn at medical student, resident, or fellowship level.  Nova Panebianco is the co-founder of globalsono.org; an upcoming website that will connect sonographers with international ultrasound training and research.