Emergency Medicine

Faculty Areas of Interest

Faculty Member: Areas of Interest:
Stephanie Abbuhl, MD Women in Medicine Professional Development & Program Leadership
Benjamin S. Abella, MD Therapeutic Hypothermia and Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Jill M. Baren, MD Neurologic Emergencies, Biomedical Ethics
Lauren W. Conlon, MD Simulation Education Research
Anthony J. Dean, MD Emergency Ultrasound
Francis DeRoos, MD Clinical Toxicology
Edward T. Dickinson, MD Emergency Medical Services
Michelle Golden, MD Observation Medicine, Toxicology, Process Flow
Kevin R. Hardy, MD Hyperbaric Medicine
David Lambert, MD Observation Medicine
Steven C. Larson, MD Puentas De Salud, Healthcare of Marginalized Population
Mira Mamtani, MD Residency Education
Lillian Marsh, MD Global EM development, Toxicology, Quality Improvement, Healthcare of Marginalized Population
C. Crawford Mechem, MD Emergency Medical Services
Zachary F. Meisel, MD Narrative Medicine, Health Services Research, Health Policy
Raina Merchant, MD Resuscitative Science & Improving Outcomes from Cardiac Arrest, Innovation & New Media in Resuscitation
Angela M. Mills, MD Acute Abdominal Pain, Electronic Clinical Decision Support
Nova Panebianco, MD Emergency Ultrasound
Stefanie Porges, MD Scheduling
Jeanmarie Perrone, MD Clinical Toxicology, Modifying Opioid Misuse
Iris M. Reyes, MD Diversity in Medical Education, Cultural Competency in Healthcare
Suzanne M. Shepherd, MD Travel Medicine, Infectious Diseases
William H. Shoff, MD Travel Medicine, Billing and Coding
Nancy Vinca, MD Anesthesia and Emergency Medicine