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Philadelphia Food & Drink

Food and Drink - In Philadelphia, food deserves its own section. The restaurant scene is booming, from Philly’s famous BYOB's to casual fine dining to many bar options with both excellent drinks and food. Pennsylvania’s restrictive (read: antiquated) liquor license regulations helped create a thriving BYOB scene. These establishments, as opposed to most restaurants, must make all their profits on food sales. This means that if the food isn’t outstanding, the place fails. The result is a wonderfully diverse and ever-changing collection of reasonably priced restaurants with truly tasty food. This is by no means a comprehensive list of restaurants, but here’s a few we love most!

  1. Farm to table
  2. Mediterranean
  3. Asian
  4. American/Other
  5. Tapas
    • Amada - 217 Chestnut St.
    • Tinto - 114 S. 20th St.
  6. Italian
    • Monsu - 901 Christian St.
  7. Belgian
    • Monk's Cafe-264 S. 16th St.  
  8. French
    • Parc - 227 S. 18th St.
  9. Israeli
    • Zahav - 237 St. James Place
  10. Markets
  11. Bars

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