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Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Where We Live

Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods, with each neighborhood having its own character and flavor. The following is a description of neighborhoods as well as apartments that residents live in. (Please note - this is by no means a complete listing of apartments or neighborhoods in Philadelphia)

West Philly

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (aka HUP) is located in West Philadelphia. This area is extremely diverse and is made up of university faculty and students, recent immigrants from Africa, the Middle East and India, and a large multigenerational urban community. Neighborhoods include University City, Powelton, and others:

  • Powelton is a small, quaint village in the sweet spot between Drexel University and Mantua. It has older homes with tree-lined streets and lots of families. It is a short commute to work, and very close to Presbyterian Medical Center (where we also rotate). A very nice place to live west of the Schuylkill river (that’s pronounced SKOO-CULL… you will get corrected otherwise and won’t know what people are talking about!).
  • University City may not be the busiest part of Philadelphia, but it certainly is not short of fun locales. From Chinese to Ethiopian food, and from gyms to Rave Cinema, it has a lot to offer. With a growing number of luxury living condominiums, Center City businesses are opening branches across the river, with Han Dynasty being a notable example (try the authentic Szechuan Chinese tasting menu in a big group for $20-30/person at varying degrees of spice “1-10” and culinary intrigue “Westerner to Adventurous”!)  Although the area is dominated by tasty food carts, smoothie carts, fruit carts, and fast foods, there is no reason not to enjoy a late brunch at White Dog Cafe, or an all Asian sushi feast at Pod. The entire Penn and Drexel campuses have 24 hour security, making walking to and from work, or even just for fun on a warm summer night, a safe and enjoyable experience.  Apartments in University City include Domus and Left Bank, to name a few.

Center City

The downtown portion of Philadelphia with boundaries from the Delaware to Schyulkill Rivers (east to west) and from Vine St Expressway to South St. (North to South):

  • Rittenhouse Square is the geographical and cultural heart of Center City. This neighborhood has apartment buildings and (expensive) homes, shopping, businesses, and lots of yummy food. This is a very busy and crowded part of town. Not to miss is the bi-annual Rittenhouse Fine Arts Festival held once every spring and fall, where you can find local artists selling and displaying their talent. Popular apartments include 1700 Walnut St. (Turchi), and 1500 Locust, to name a few.
  • Graduate Hospital is the just south of Rittenhouse Square, while still in Center City.  Populated by a nice mix of young professionals, young families, and locals who have been present for decades, this area has wonderful restaurants and affordable living spaces, while still being only a walk/bike/bus ride away from Rittenhouse and our main hospital site (HUP).  Some local favorites in this area include the Dog Run (dog park-see below), Honey’s-Sit-n-Eat, Ten Stone, Phoebe’s BBQ, and the annual summer Odunde Festival — one of the largest African street festivals in the nation.  Parking is easier than other places downtown, and both rent and home prices are a bit cheaper than nearby Rittenhouse.  Naval Square has many beautiful condos for sale and rent, just across the river from HUP.
  • Fitler Square is also a more residential part of center city, but is still very close to the action surrounding Rittenhouse Square. For all you dog lovers, it is nearby a brand new state-of-the-art K9 turf dog park.  Apartments include "Locust on the Park".
  • Society Hill is just south of Old City and north of Queen Village.  It is a primarily residential area made up of the old historic brownstone homes from the 1700s.  It is quiet and has many restaurants and stores spread throughout the neighborhood.  It is prime for taking walks and runs.  One of the best parts of Society Hill is that you CANNOT see the hospital, so when you're home you feel like you've escaped. It is a more expensive area to live in, but several residents have been able to find small homes or condos that fit within their budgets.  It is one of the safer parts of Philly, but it's important to remember that crime happens anywhere.
  • Old City is an area occupying several blocks between Front (technically 1st) and Sixth Streets, bounded by Vine Street to the north and Walnut Street to the south. This area is becoming increasingly popular for nightlife destinations - especially at Penn’s Landing, and its dive bars, delicious restaurants, lounges, and new Ritz movie theaters which often hold viewings of independent art films.  This area is a must see, whether a longtime resident of Philly, or just passing through on residency interviews!

South Philadelphia

South Philadelphia, home of the world's best cheesesteaks (Pat’s, Gino’s, and Tony Lukes are some favorites), great pretzels, mom-and-pop Italian restaurants, the Italian market, a growing Hispanic community, and the distinctive Philadelphia accent. Neighborhoods in South Philly include Bella Vista, Queen Village, Pennsport, Point Breeze, and Passyunk Square.

  • Passyunk Square is a wonderful living space that is a vibrant area with many new restaurants cropping up, a dog park, playgrounds, and an exciting shopping district.  This area has its boundaries roughly between Broad (or 14th) street to the west, and 6th street to the East, Washington to the North and Tasker street to the South. 

Northern Liberties

Located just north of Old City, this neighborhood has seen significant growth in the last 5 years. The neighborhood is the 5th most diverse in the city, and is home to young professionals and artists who have recently moved in, as well as families that have lived there for decades.

Fairmount/Art Museum

An exciting area between Broad and Kelly Drive (east to west) and Girard avenue to Vine street (north to south).  It holds many iconic landmarks including the famous Art Museum, a beautiful riverside running trail, and 9,200 acres of grass and bike paths in Fairmont Park.

ParkwayArt Museum Area