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Penn Medicine's TTM Academy Podcasts

Penn Emergency Medicine faculty Drs. Benjamin Abella, John C. Greenwood, and Felipe Teran-Merino have launched a new podcast series on post-cardiac-arrest care, as part of the TTM Academy program. The podcast has over 2000 downloads in its first three months! It can be found here.


Why We Can’t Stop Using our Phones While Driving

Common sense says that phone use while driving is a bad idea. Yet nine out of 10 drivers admit to doing it. Our own M. Kit Delgado, MD chimes in on WHYY's "The Pulse" radio show. Dr. Delgado has partnered with an app developer, TrueMotion, and auto insurance companies, to figure out how to incentivize driving without distractions.

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‘BOOST-3’ Trial Seeks to Improve Outcomes After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Treatment based on brain tissue oxygen levels might help patients have better recoveries. A new clinical coordinating center, "The Strategies to Innovate Emergency Care Clinical Trials Network" (SIREN), will help researchers find out.

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Health-Related Google Searches Double in the Week Before Patients’ Emergency Room Visits

In a study linking internet search histories with electronic health records, Jeremy Asch, an innovation strategist at Penn's Center for Digital Health, and Raina Merchant, MD, director of the Center and an associate professor of Emergency Medicine, found that roughly half of the patients who participated searched for their symptoms in the week prior to their emergency department visit. The study is the first of its kind to link private search data to electronic health records at the individual level. The study also shows that patients — roughly half — are willing to share their search histories in this manner.

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Yelp Reviews, ‘I Told You I Was Ill’, and the Importance of Patient Communication

The most common word associated with negative Yelp hospital reviews is “told,” according to research by Anish Agarwal, MD, a physician in Emergency Medicine, and Raina Merchant, MD, director of the Penn Center for Digital Health and an associate prof. in Emergency Medicine. "These online review sites often do not have prompts or questions to guide people, so the patient can comment on what comes to mind, and perhaps what means most to them", Agarwal said.

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Hospitals Could Play Bigger Role in Preventing Gun Violence, Study Says

A new Penn-led study suggests emergency rooms could play a bigger role in preventing gun violence. “The emergency department may be [gunshot victims’] only contact with the health care system, [representing] an opportunity to prevent a repeat injury,” senior author M. Kit Delgado, MD, assistant professor of Emergency Medicine & Epidemiology, told WHYY. Trauma centers are working to prevent gun violence with intervention programs providing counseling and education on gun safety.

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Zack Meisel Featured in a New Podcast: "How to Turn Your Interests into Research"

In the newest podcast episode from the SAEM Research Learning Series (RLS), Dr. Zachary Meisel, associate professor of emergency medicine at Penn Medicine & chair of the SAEM Research Committee, shares practical advice, framed by his own personal path to building a successful research career. Provided in partnership with Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM), the SAEM Research Learning Series provides live, online education on popular emergency medicine research topics.


Painkiller Prescriptions for Pets May Be Contributing to Opioid Epidemic, Study Warns

The recent increase in opioid prescriptions may have paralleled an increase in opioid prescriptions for pets, according to a new Penn study. "Even where the increase for prescribed veterinary opioids is well intended by the veterinarian, it can mean an increased chance of leftover pills being misused later by household members, sold or diverted, or endangering young children through unintentional exposure," said senior author Jeanmarie Perrone, MD, professor of Emergency Medicine and director of Medical Toxicology.

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Penn EM Combats Distracted Driving, as Survey Shows 75 Percent of Locals Use Phone in Car

A new survey shows that most people use some type of mobile device while driving. Combatting distracted driving will require a shift in our culture. M. Kit Delgado, MD, assistant professor of Emergency Medicine, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that one way to fight back is to “gamify” safety, to keep people off their phones.

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Dealing with Gun Violence, from an ER Nurse’s Perspective

As part of a 4-part series examining how health care providers help patients injured by gun violence, Penn EM's Rhonda Browning, RN, MSN, CEN, TCRN, trauma outpatient & injury prevention coordinator, spoke with U.S. News & World Report about her experiences caring for victims of gun violence in the emergency room.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen: The Mysterious Therapy That Saved a Cancer Survivor from Rad. Side Effects

The Philadelphia Inquirer profiles David Wolfe, who for years suffered from the side effects of the radiation therapy that had cured his cancer – until he was introduced to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Penn. Patients such as Wolfe are a triumph – and a mystery – for doctors. Matthew Kelly, MD, chief of the division of Hyperbaric Medicine, and Kevin Hardy, MD, an assistant professor of Emergency Medicine, are quoted. Read article here.

What Is Death?

Mental Floss explores the evolution of the medical definition of "death" over time, and how determining when someone is dead can be surprisingly complicated. Marion Leary, MPH, MSN, RN, director of Innovation Research for the Penn Center for Resuscitation Science, is quoted on the development of resuscitation therapy and the mechanics behind therapeutic hypothermia. Read More.

Teaching Philadelphia High School Students How to Save A Life

In an op-ed published by the Philadelphia Inquirer, Benjamin S. Abella, MD, MPhil, a professor of Emergency Medicine and director of the Penn Center for Resuscitation Science, writes on the importance of hands-only CPR in saving the lives of people suffering sudden cardiac arrest. Abella and the American Heart Association are leading efforts to ensure that Philadelphia-area students have access to hands-only CPR training.

Philadelphia Inquirer

How the Opioid Crisis Is Changing How Philadelphia Emergency Room Doctors Care for Patients

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that as rates of addiction and overdose deaths have mounted in the Philadelphia region, ER doctors have worked to change the way they prescribe opioid medication and addiction treatments. “Emergency departments have really rallied to trying to be on the front lines,” said Jeanmarie Perrone, MD, a professor of Emergency Medicine and director of Medical Toxicology.

Philadelphia Inquirer

Do Emergency Rooms or Urgent Care Centers Have Better Service? Yelp Reviewers Decide

A new study tracked one- and five-star reviews on Yelp to compare patient experiences in emergency departments to urgent care centers. “Patients often tell me that the internet is the first place they go for information,” Anish Agarwal, MD, MPH, a National Clinician Scholars fellow and Emergency Medicine physician, told MarketWatch. Raina Merchant, MD, director of the Penn Medicine Center for Digital Health and an associate professor of Emergency Medicine, is also quoted.

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All Hands on Deck: Fentanyl in Philadelphia

One busy evening, six patients were brought to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center for suspected overdose of crack cocaine, which, unbeknownst to them, had been mixed with fentanyl. Within days, 12 more patients arrived in the ED with the same symptoms. Utsha Khatri, MD and Jeanmarie Perrone, MD share how things unfolded that weekend, and how their actions can serve as a model for other hospitals on the front lines of the opioid epidemic.

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Turning Vacant Lots Into Green Spaces Can Improve Mental Health

Having access to even small green spaces can reduce symptoms of depression for people who live near them, especially in low-income neighborhoods. A new study led by Penn researchers emphasizes how much of an impact your environment can have on your mental health. The paper found an association between urban restoration efforts in Philadelphia and the mental health of city residents. “Vacant lot greening is a very simple structural intervention that’s relatively low-cost and that can have a potentially wide or broad population impact,” says study lead author Eugenia C. South, MD, MSHP, an assistant professor of Emergency Medicine. “Performing simple interventions to the neighborhood environment has an impact on health.”

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Opioid Pills for a Simple Sprained Ankle? It’s a Thing in Some States

Many states have responded to the national opioid epidemic by limiting how many pain pills doctors can prescribe, contributing to the decline in opioid prescriptions filled at pharmacies across the country. But a new Penn study suggests that to truly tackle the opioid epidemic, states may need a more granular approach. The study, led by M. Kit Delgado, MD, an assistant professor of Emergency Medicine, found that opioid prescribing for minor injuries remains high and varies widely by state.

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Residency Graduation Celebration Awards!

  • Nurses of the Year: Kat Rogers (HUP) and Adam Boroughs (PPMC)
  • Senior Class Staff Award: Ron Crafton (HUP) and Jimmy Pisaturo (PPMC)
  • Faculty Mentors of the Year: Angela Mills (HUP) and Sean Foster (PPMC)
  • New Faculty Member of the Year: Julie Uspal
  • Faculty Teachers of the Year: Jeff Kramer, Jeff Moon, Walker Lee, Matt Kelly
  • Resident Ultrasound Award: Jonathan Bar (PGY1), Forrest Lindsay-Mcginn (PGY2), ? (PGY3), Amy Zeidan (PGY4)
  • Quality and Safety Award: Alex Sackeim (PGY4)
  • Francis J. DeRoos Teaching Award: Josh Glick (PGY4)
  • High Fivers of the Year: Sarah Allen, Julie Kurkowski, Jeanmarie Perrone, Nova Panebianco, Amy Zeidan, Anita Mudan

Our Residency

Dr. Benjamin Sun has been Appointed Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine

We are pleased to announce that Benjamin Sun, MD, MPP, FACEP, has been appointed chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Penn Medicine. Dr. Sun is an emergency physician and federally funded health services researcher who is nationally recognized for his expertise in the areas of safety, quality, & cost-effectiveness in health care. He joins Penn Medicine from Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, where he serves as professor with tenure. Prior to his role at OHSU, Dr. Sun served as acting chief of Emergency Medicine at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Dr. Sun will assume his new role on September 1, 2018. He will lead our department of dedicated Emergency Medicine faculty members and staff committed to providing exceptional care to critically ill and injured patients at Penn Medicine’s hospitals, training the next generation of emergency physicians, and advancing Penn’s research to address some of the most serious issues affecting public health. Dr. Sun’s exceptional leadership and proven track record of employing a research-oriented approach to improving care for patients with life-threatening injuries will be an important asset to his new role, and to the future of the department, our hospitals, and the patients we serve.

In addition, Dr. Sun has served as the principal investigator on 15 grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and private foundations with total funding of $11 million. His research has resulted in a substantial body of scholarly work in journals including Circulation, JAMA Internal Medicine, and Annals of Emergency Medicine.

"Chief Residents of the Year" National Award

Drs. Jennifer Love, Brian Wexler, and Amy Zeidan received the EMRA Chief Residents of the Year award. This award recognizes a team of chief residents who act as mentors, role models, and above all friends to their classmates. These individuals strive for excellence in all aspects of emergency medicine, and go above and beyond to support their residency program.

Our Residency

EM Residents In the News! "Managing In-Flight Medical Emergencies"

Emergency Medicine resident Rachel Zang, MD weighs in on medical emergencies in airplanes, and her own experiences treating them.

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"I'm haunted by the patients I've lost to gun violence"

Emergency Medicine resident Gregory Siegel, MD shares his experiences with treating gun violence victims in Philadelphia, and offers his perspective.

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Daphne Owen: Next Generation Leader

EM resident Daphne Owen, MD has received the 2018 Next Generation Leader Award from the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. The award is given to a woman under 35 years old who has not only accomplished exemplary professional success, but also shares a deep commitment to give, advocate, and volunteer. Read more here.

Emergency Medicine Opens Second Observation Unit

Some of our patients require urgent observation & treatment but have conditions that can usually be resolved within 24 hours, such as asthma, chest pains, faints or falls. Our Observation Unit now has more capacity to service these patients.

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Christy Moore Receives Award for "Emergency Medicine Bedside Ultrasound"

Christy Moore, Emergency Medicine's ultrasound educator, will receive the 2018 "Dean's Award for Excellence in Medical Student Teaching by an Allied Health Professional."

Our Ultrasound Division

Iris Reyes Awarded for her Innovative Work in Education

Iris M. Reyes, MD has been chosen to receive the 2018 Special Dean's Award recognizing her for the development of new and innovative educational programs in the Perelman School of Medicine. The Special Dean’s Award "recognizes outstanding achievements in medical education by faculty members, particularly in the development of new, innovative educational programs."

EM's Ben Abella, MD, MPhil selected for Penn Fellows Program

The Penn Fellows Program provides leadership development to select Penn faculty in mid-career. Begun in 2009, it includes opportunities to build alliances across the university, meet distinguished academic leaders, think strategically about university governance, and consult with Penn’s senior administrators.

Judith McKenzie published in JAMA on Injuries Incurred by our Embassy Workers in Cuba

Judith Green McKenzie, MD, MPH and colleagues published in JAMA highlighting injuries incurred by our diplomats and embassy workers in Cuba: "Neurological Manifestations Among US Government Personnel Reporting Directional Audible and Sensory Phenomena in Havana, Cuba."

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Kit Delgado Presents in Washington DC on the Opioid Epidemic

Reducing opioid prescribing as well as the number of opioid pills patients receive can be done with the help of system defaults, M. Kit Delgado, MD, MS, said at an event on safe opioid prescribing sponsored by the Duke Margolis Center for Health Policy.

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Sixth Annual EM Research Day

Emergency Medicine's 6th Annual ED Research Day took place on March 14, 2018, in Smilow Atrium and Rubenstein Auditorium. This event was open to the public. Thanks for coming, and join us next year!

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Reducing Gun Violence and Increasing Peace of Mind through Vacant Land Stabilization

Emergency Medicine’s Gina South, MD is an author of the new study "Citywide cluster randomized trial to restore blighted vacant land and its effects on violence, crime, and fear". Hear her discuss the results of this randomized controlled trial.


Penn Medicine Emergency Medicine's Raina Merchant Appointed to JAMA Editorial Board

Digital health expert Raina Merchant, MD, MSHP, FAHA, an associate professor of Emergency Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and an associate vice president for the University of Pennsylvania Health System, has been appointed to the editorial board for JAMA, the most widely circulated and one of the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals in the world. Merchant assumed her new role in January 2018. Read more here.

Philadelphia, a City Stalked by Overdoses, Fights Back

An article in the New York Times features EM/CECPR’s Jeanmarie Perrone, MD, and highlights how community groups are tackling the opioid epidemic in Philadelphia.

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Getting to Zero Alcohol-Impaired Driving Fatalities: An Insider’s View

In this moving commentary, M. Kit Delgado, MD, MS, a Penn Emergency Medicine physician-investigator, writes from direct experience about the unacceptable number of U.S. fatalities that result from drunk driving. Dr. Delgado, and colleague Douglas Wiebe, PhD, contributed to a new report by a committee of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Read the opinion piece in Stat News

As Addiction Crisis Grows, Penn ‘Nudges’ Doctors to Limit Opioid Prescriptions

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on two recently published Penn-led papers showing that small “nudges” – like a change in electronic medical record default settings for prescription opioids – can go a long way in tightening up painkiller prescribing. Lead authors M. Kit Delgado, MD, MS, an assistant professor of Emergency Medicine and Epidemiology, and Mitesh Patel, MD, an assistant professor of Medicine and director of Penn Medicine’s Nudge Unit, are quoted. Read here.

Emergency Medicine Wins Two Quality and Patient Safety Awards!

  • Overall Quality and Patient Safety Award: "Development and implementation of an EMR-Based Sepsis Alert System" Sean Foster, MD
  • Honorable Mention: "Creation & Development of the Department of Emergency Medicine’s Resuscitation & Critical Care Unit (ResCCU)" John C. Greenwood, MD

David Jang receives NIH K08 career development award

Emergency Medicine's David H. Jang, MD, MSc has received a K08 career development award from the NIH. His project, entitled "Abnormal Mitochondrial Bioenergetic and Motility Signatures in Human Blood Cells as Indices of Acute Poisoning in Patients", is an innovative translational project that harnesses our clinical environment, our laboratory collaborators, and other key resources that showcase what Penn has to offer.

Congratulations, Angela Mills!

Emergency Medicine's own Angela M. Mills, MD has been named the inaugural Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine, as the J.E. Beaumont Professor, at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and Chief of Emergency Medicine Services for New York-Presbyterian in New York City. Dr. Mills was selected by Columbia after an exhaustive national search for a qualified candidate. Dr. Mills will assume this new role in February 2018.

Women Less Likely to Get CPR from Bystanders

Audrey Blewer, MPH, the former assistant director for educational programs at Penn Emergency Medicine's Center for Resuscitation Science, presented data at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2017 which showed that men are more likely to receive bystander CPR in public than women. Blewer and Benjamin Abella, MD, MPhil, the director of Penn Emergency Medicine's Center for Resuscitation Science and a professor of Emergency Medicine, are quoted. Read here and here.

Combatting Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: EM's Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic Excels

Surviving the “Silent Killer”: How seamless coordination, and our hyperbaric chambers, save lives.

Read here.

Smartphone Based Interventions Aim to Reduce Drunk Driving

Emergency Medicine's M. Kit Delgado, MD, MS speaks about his groundbreaking research into leveraging smartphones to collect data about, and intervene in, impaired driving. Read here.

Kudos to our Emergency Medicine Resident's Association (EMRA) Award Winners!

FOAM(er) of the Year: Jennifer Love  This is an award to recognize a resident's contribution to free open access medicine (FOAM) education.

Clinical Excellence Award: Josh Glick
This award recognizes a resident who has done outstanding work in the clinical aspect of emergency medicine.

CORD Academic Assembly Scholarship: Utsha Khatri & Rohit Sangal
Given to an individual who demonstrates a significant academic and scholarly interest in emergency medicine to attend the Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors (CORD) Academic Assembly. 

ACEP Travel Scholarship & EMRA Global Health Initiative Award: Erik Blutinger
    ACEP: To assist a resident or student member of EMRA in the costs associated with attendance of this national event
    EMRA: This Scholarship assists an exemplary resident with the costs associated with an elective in International Medicine that engages the evolution of Emergency Medicine in environments where there is such a need. 

Be the Change Grant: Paul Ginart
This is EMRA’s largest award and is intended to empower the recipient to “dream big” for emergency medicine.  The award will provide a large grant to a resident/medical student or group of residents/students to create and pursue a project designed to have a significant impact on emergency medicine education, research, practice or policy.

Penn Emergency Medicine's CECPR Tackles Philadelphia's Opioid Epidemic!

Penn Medicine's Department of Emergency Medicine's CECPR takes on Philadelphia’s opioid epidemic. Read
Zachary Meisel, MD is quoted:"A Utah Nurse’s Violent Arrest Puts Patient-Consent law — and Police Conduct — in the Spotlight." Read
Study finds one in three Philadelphia residents used an opioid last year. EM's Jeanmarie Perrone, MD comments. Read
Wharton-Sirius Radio Previews Issues From Upcoming LDI 50th Anniversary Symposium Read
Penn Medicine clinicians and scientists examine where it begins: The causes & treatment of pain. Penn EM's Zachary Meisel, MD & Jeanmarie Perrone, MD explain. Read
EM's Jeanmarie Perrone, MD is quoted in a Philadelphia Inquirer article discussing a new plan, proposed by Gov. Chris Christie, to limit/reduce opioid pills physicians could initially prescribe to patients with acute pain.
The New York Times reports on new research showing that prescription drug monitoring programs can reduce the overuse of narcotics, but many states have adopted relatively weak versions. Emergency Medicine's Zachary Meisel, MD, MPH, MSHP, author of the research review, is quoted.
EM's Zachary Meisel, MD, Jeanmarie Perrone, MD, and C. Crawford Mechem, MD serve on the subcommittee for Philadelphia's "Mayor’s Task Force to Combat the Opioid Epidemic". The task force's final report, which our colleagues helped to create, was recently released.
Even short-term opioid use can set people up for addiction risks. A SAEM (Society for Academic Emergency Medicine) plenary presentation by M. Kit Delgado, MD, Jeanmarie Perrone, MD, Zachary Meisel, MD, et al., was covered by Science News Online.
Jeanmarie Perrone, MD appears on NPR's "Radio Times" to discuss the ongoing opioid addiction epidemic. She is joined by Penn Medicine’s Michael Ashburn, MD, director of Pain Medicine and Palliative Care, for a segment on efforts to improve opioid prescription safety. Listen Here.


Angela Mills honored with AWAEM Award

Congratulations to Angela Mills, MD for receiving the Academy for Women in Academic Emergency Medicine (AWAEM) 2017 Mid-Career Award. This award is to honor mid-career female faculty who have shown promise for significant career achievements in emergency medicine through research, education, service, advocacy, or administration, and/or who have worked to promote the role of women in academic emergency medicine.

CPR Training via Augmented Reality

Marion Leary, MSN MPH RN, Director of Innovation Research at the Center for Resuscitation Science, was one of two teams that won this year’s AppitUP challenge and will be receiving a $50k investment from the Ben Franklin Technology Partners. Her team created an immersive CPR training experience using an augmented reality platform to better prepare trainees to save lives during a sudden cardiac arrest.

Read more here

Wilderness & Disaster Medicine

Peter Sananman, MD was featured in a story about his Wilderness & Disaster Medicine course on WHYY Radio’s "The Pulse".

Read and Hear Story

Primer Congreso de Medicina de Emergencias de la Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala

Dr. Iris Reyes was invited to speak at this first conference specifically focused on Emergency Medicine in the country of Guatemala, which was developed by our own Dr. Anthony Dean as part of his Fulbright Fellowship project. Invited speakers included physicians from Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, Canada, Costa Rica and the US. It was held at the Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala City from April 26-28.

Chances of Successful CPR Dwindle as Seniors Age

Benjamin Abella, MD, MPhil, director of Penn's Center for Resuscitation Science, is quoted in a HealthDay article about a study recently published by the Journal of the American Heart Association which examined CPR training disparities in the United States, and which showed that older adults – who are at the highest risk for sudden cardiac arrest – are the least likely to be CPR trained.

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Hyperbaric Medicine Excellence!

The Hyperbaric Medicine Team was honored with a “Healthcare Heroes” award from Penn Medicine. Their quality and compassion inspired a patient to make a donation to the “friends fund” in honor of the outstanding care they provided. Thank you for continuing to exemplify excellence in Patient care!

More about our Hyperbaric Medicine Center

The Health Benefits of Urban Greening

The Inquirer Logo

Eugenia C. South, MD MS was interviewed by the Philadelphia Inquirer for their "5 Questions" piece in the health section. The focus of the article was on the Physic Garden at Pennsylvania Hospital, and the health benefits of urban greening.

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Jill Baren, MD receives award for Emergency Medicine Leadership

Jill Baren, MD received the 2017 SAEM John Marx Leadership Award. This award honors a SAEM (Society for Academic Emergency Medicine) member who has made exceptional contributions to emergency medicine through leadership - locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

Angela Mills, MD receives award for Humanism in Medicine

Angela Mills, MD received the 2017 SAEM Arnold P. Gold Humanism in Medicine Award. This award is administered to a practicing emergency medicine physician who exemplifies compassionate, patient-centered care.

Congratulations to Antoinette Brooke!

Antoinette Brooke

Antoinette Brooke, MPH, COO of Emergency Medicine, has been elected the new president of The Academy of Administrators in Academic Emergency Medicine (AAAEM).

Life-Saving CPR Tips - Great Video!

Benjamin Abella, MD, MPhil, director of Penn Emergency Medicine's Center for Resuscitation Science, discusses CPR tips to address sudden collapse or cardiac arrest, in a brief video aired on Fox29.

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Penn EM Researchers Mine Twitter for Cardiovascular Disease Research

For years, marketers & other commercial data-miners have been using Twitter’s vast database of tweets to gauge consumer attitudes & track events. Now medical researchers are joining in. Penn's Dept of Emergency Medicine completed an analysis of tweets on cardiovascular disease, in a study recently published in JAMA Cardiology.

Press Release

In related news, EM's Raina Merchant, MD, MSHP, associate vice president & director of the new Center for Digital Health, says social media posts can help hospitals improve interactions with patients & families, and discusses how the new Center will work toward achieving those goals. Read it here.

Virtual Reality used to study bystander response to Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Marion Leary RN MSN MPH, a scientist with the Department of Emergency Medicine, spearheads a project using Virtual Reality to study bystander response to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Her work was featured in Penn Medicine News: "A Look Back at 2016’s Biggest Medical Science Revolutions".

More information

EM Resident Dr. Amy Waldner - "5 Myths: Refugees & Healthcare"

"Recent political dialogue has brought refugees under fierce scrutiny. As an emergency medicine doctor, I get to care for refugees in both the hospital and at two outpatient clinics specifically designated for refugees and immigrants in Philadelphia. Refugees do not drain resources from our healthcare system and our community benefits positively from refugees through economic and cultural vibrancy."

Read Amy Waldner’s story in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Raina Merchant appointed Associate VP & Director, Center for Digital Health at Penn Medicine.

We are excited to announce the appointment of Raina Merchant, MD, MSHP as Associate Vice President and Director, Center for Digital Health at Penn Medicine.

Connectivity and innovation have been central elements of Penn Medicine’s strategic plan. A large and increasing proportion of our patients engage the world digitally. Digital channels provide opportunities to learn how our patients live their lives and understand what they need to advance their health. Digital channels also provide opportunities for Penn Medicine to deliver on those needs. While many health systems see digital health as a separate strategy, we see digital engagement as an essential part of how we deliver our core services.


The Center for Digital Health represents the continued evolution of the Social Media Laboratory, led by Dr. Merchant since 2014. This program has a record of success. Dr. Merchant has created partnerships across the university—with Wharton, Annenberg, and the School of Engineering and Applied Science—to systematically evaluate how social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and Instagram can affect health in ways that may be just as profound as the identification of new tests to diagnose disease or the development of new molecules to treat those diseases. The Center for Digital Health reflects an expansion of this progress. It also reflects a belief that in the future our patients will be diagnosed and treated through both social and digital pathways as well as by traditional biomedical pathways.

Dr. Merchant is a graduate of Yale University. She completed medical school and residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Chicago. She came to Penn as a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar and then joined the faculty in Emergency Medicine. She has received substantial funding from NIH and from foundations for her work. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation identified her as one of the 10 national leaders in health care under the age of 40.

This activity represents a central part of Penn Medicine’s strategy for the future, and Dr. Merchant is the ideal leader for it.


Dr. Jill Baren Elected President of the American Board of Emergency Medicine!

Dr. Jill Baren has been elected President of the American Board of Emergency Medicine, and has begun her term on the Executive Committee this year. Over the next three years, she will serve ABEM in in the roles of Secretary-Treasurer, President-Elect and President. In July 2017, she will also become Chair of the Test Administration Committee and will oversee all exams delivered in the board certification and maintenance of certification processes. The American Board of Emergency Medicine is one of 24 medical specialty certification boards recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. The ABEM mission is to ensure the highest standards in the specialty of Emergency Medicine. As President, Dr. Baren will represent over 33,000 emergency physicians who have met the educational, professional standing, and examination standards of ABEM.

What Carrie Fisher and George Michael Can Teach Us About Heart Disease

Benjamin Abella, MD, an associate professor of Emergency Medicine, comments on what the public should know about heart disease in the wake of the deaths of Carrie Fisher and George Michael.

Philadelphia Inquirer Article

5 Questions: Kit Delgado on Smartphone-Based Breathalyzers

In an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer, M. Kit Delgado, MD, MS, an assistant professor of Emergency Medicine, talks about what he sees as a huge amount of potential to prevent the injuries that bring people to trauma centers, “using devices that are in people’s pockets every day” — their smartphone, linked to a personal Breathalyzer.

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How Hypothermia is Being Harnessed to Save Lives

WHYY Radio's "The Pulse" features a segment on Zach Conrad, a regular competitor in triathlons who had a sudden cardiac arrest while biking around Wissahickon Valley Park in 2012. Benjamin Abella, MD, director of the Penn Center for Resuscitation Science and an associate professor of Emergency Medicine, and Conrad's care team at Penn treated him with therapeutic hypothermia, a process that works by lowering the body's temperature which causes internal systems to slow down.

Read Here (optional audio)

Zachary Meisel Wins $2.1 Million PCORI Funding Award

36-Month Study to Focus on Opioid Risk Communications in Clinical Settings ::: The team, led by Zachary Meisel, including Jeanmarie Perrone, Fran Shofer and faculty from Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, the Mayo Clinic and Northwell Health have won a 2.1 million dollar award from PCORI - "Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute"

Full Article

Mobile CPR Project — Philadelphia

Benjamin Abella, MD and others at the Center for Resuscitation Science have launched the “Mobile CPR Project – Philadelphia”, a free CPR training program that seeks to combat disparities in CPR training and cardiac arrest survival.  The three year project, funded by Independence Blue Cross Foundation and Penn Medicine, was featured on Fox 29 news this week.

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Dr. Steve Larson's "Puentes de Salud" HBO Documentary eligible for Academy Award

Puentes de Salud

This week, Emergency Medicine's Steven C. Larson, MD and the Puentes de Salud team hosted a screening of the award-winning HBO documentary that focuses on their work – and the screening was attended by the former First Lady of Mexico, Margarita Zavala (the wife of former Mexican President Felipe Calderón, 2nd from right). Pictured are Steve with staff and Mrs. Zavala. Very exciting development for Puentes, with more to come, as the HBO documentary will air later this year and will also be considered for an Academy Award.

Watch a previous "Puentes de Salud" video

Kevin Baumlin named Chair of Emergency Medicine at Pennsylvania Hospital

Kevin M. Baumlin, MD, FACEP, has been named chair of Emergency Medicine at Pennsylvania Hospital, and vice chair of Emergency Medicine for the Perelman School of Medicine. Baumlin is a globally recognized physician leader, and an accomplished clinician with a unique combination of applied capabilities, including informatics, operational innovation, and quality and performance improvement. Baumlin was previously chair of Emergency Medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in New York, a position in which he had direct oversight of the facility’s 265 clinical care providers, 110,000 patients, and 45 residents.

During his time in this role, Kevin oversaw the development and implementation of programs that resulted in significant operational improvements, including a dramatically reduced wait time in the ER, and improved Press-Ganey scores. Kevin’s academic interests lie in informatics and geriatric emergency medicine. He has published and lectured widely on both topics in leading academic journals. 

Dr. Angela Mills joins the SAEM Board of Directors

Please congratulate Dr. Angela Mills! She will be serving a 1-year term on the SAEM ("Society for Academic Emergency Medicine") Board of Directors.

Smartphone App may Reduce Texting & Distracted Driving in Teenagers

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine Kit Delgado and his research team have launched enrollment for a new randomized trial of a smartphone app and in-vehicle device to reduce texting and driving in 16-17 year old drivers. Enrollment can be completed on-line. Please forward this link and/or flyer to potentially interested parties including high school students and administrators and parents of teen drivers.

Is Philly Doing Enough to Save Cardiac Arrest Victims?

An article from Philadelphia magazine reports on the efforts being made by experts and local officials to educate Philadelphians on how to properly administer CPR, and the challenges the city faces in improving survival rates for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Raina Merchant, MD, an assistant professor of Emergency Medicine, and Benjamin Abella, MD, MPhil, clinical research director for the Penn Center for Resuscitation Science and an associate professor of Emergency Medicine, are quoted.

Welcome to our Incoming Residents!


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Lauren Sinnenberg & Robert Smith win Perelman School of Medicine Awards

"The Masters of Science in Health Policy Research Medical Student Award in Innovation & Implementation Research" and "Clinical Epidemiology Research Prize".

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Jeanmarie Perrone, MD Inducted Into Class of 2015 "Master Clinicians"

Perrone Award
Perrone accepts award

Jeanmarie Perrone, MD has been selected to be a member of The Academy of Master Clinicians. This award recognizes exceptional clinicians who consistently exemplify the highest standards of clinical care, humanism, and professionalism. Dr. Perrone will work with Penn Medicine leadership to improve the culture of clinical excellence, and to design and promote the ideal patient experience. She will also design professional development & training programs for faculty, residents, students, trainees, and staff. Election to the Academy is the highest clinical honor to be bestowed on a Penn Medicine physician.

Antoinette Brooke, COO receives AAAEM Award

Dr. Abella

Antoinette Brooke, MPH, COO of Emergency Medicine, is the 2016 Academy of Administrators in Academic Emergency Medicine recipient of the "Significant Contributions to the AAAEM" annual award. This award is emblematic of her work and recognizes her contribution to the Academy.

Benjamin Abella, MD, receives William Montgomery Excellence in Education award

Dr. Abella

Benjamin Abella, MD, vice chair for research in the department of Emergency Medicine, received the William Montgomery Excellence in Education award at the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update annual meeting. The award recognizes the outstanding work of a scholar in educational efforts on topics relevant to resuscitation science.

"Puentes de Salud" Clinic Featured in Documentary


Steven C. Larson, MD, an associate professor of Emergency Medicine, and Jack Ludmir, MD, a professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, are featured in a NationSwell short documentary about Puentes de Salud, a nonprofit founded by the two physicians. Daphne Owen, MD, an Emergency Medicine resident, also appears in the film. Puentes de Salud provides health care focused on Philadelphia's Latino population.

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Diane Lawson selected for Penn Medicine Distinguished Nurse Clinician Academy

Nurse Lawson

We are delighted to report that Diane Lawson, MSN, RN, CEN, has been selected as a member of the UPHS Distinguished Nurse Clinician Academy. Diane was one of six clinicians chosen for inclusion in this initial cohort from among thirty-two nominations across the Health System. Diane's selection was based on her superb clinical knowledge, skills, attitude/behavior, and willingness to pursue new knowledge. She was also commended for her consistent outstanding work to improve the culture of service, engagement, and patient/family advocacy in her practice.

This highly selective academy is targeted to Clinical Nurses in all practice settings who exemplify clinical excellence. These nurses are consistently performing beyond current clinical advancement programs. This academy recognizes Clinical Nurses who have demonstrated mastery in clinical practice and represent the gold standard in collegiality within the interprofessional team. These nurses keep the patient and family at the center of care. This academy will provide the distinguished Clinical Nurse with enhanced professional development. Please join us in congratulating Diane on this stellar achievement! 

Penn Presbyterian Emergency Department wins Quality & Patient Safety Operational Award


Another win for the PPMC ED! Operational Award: "Impact of a redesigned process on outcomes of patients presenting with acute ST segment Myocardial Infarction (STEMI)". "Congratulations — your team has won the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center Quality & Patient Safety Operational Award! We've had another successful year of delivering safe, high quality health care throughout the health system. Our annual competition for the UPHS Quality & Patient Safety Awards recently concluded with 103 projects submitted for consideration. On behalf of our leadership and entire staff we want to thank you and your team for your hard work and dedication to our patients. We know that it is these efforts - and outcomes - that make Penn Medicine one of America's leaders in health care."

Our Department's Recent Publications

Dr. Abella PBS's “Nova Next” reports on a recent study which found that lowering the body’s internal temperature can help preserve neurological function for cardiac arrest patients with heart rhythms that do not respond to defibrillators. Coauthor Benjamin Abella, MD, MPhil, Vice Chair of Research at Penn Emergency Medicine, has more...

Drs. Jill Baren and Raina Merchant published in Academic Emergency Medicine, regarding the appropriateness of common tests and procedures: "Choosing Wisely in Emergency Medicine: A National Survey of Emergency Medicine Academic Chairs and Division Chiefs."


Congratulations to Angela Mills for her publications in this month's Academic Emergency Medicine Journal:


"Medical Student Presence Does Not Slow Care in Emergency Departments", Penn EM Study Finds. The findings, from a team of researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine, including Emergency Medicine's Kevin R. Scott, MD; Benjamin S. Abella, MD, MPhil; Kimon L.H. Ioannides; Mira Mamtani, MD; and Frances S. Shofer, PhD; among others, are published in JAMA. Read more

Arthur K. Asbury Outstanding Faculty Mentor Awarded to Stephanie B. Abbuhl, MD

Dr. Abbuhl

Stephanie B. Abbuhl, professor and vice chair of faculty affairs in the department of emergency medicine, is the recipient of this year’s Arthur Asbury Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award. This award recognizes a faculty member who has fostered the professional development of others by providing inspiring and effective counsel and opportunities for achievement. Since 2001, Dr. Abbuhl has served as the executive director of FOCUS on Health & Leadership for Women, a national model for faculty development that addresses recruitment, retention and advancement of female faculty. In addition to creating novel approaches to support faculty through unique skill building programs and individual and group mentoring sessions, she has also conducted

research on mentoring in a large NIH-funded randomized controlled trial. Together with her FOCUS colleagues, Dr. Abbuhl has enhanced the careers of hundreds of female faculty members, created a climate at the Perelman School of Medicine that is supportive and respectful of the challenges women face, and helped create opportunities and leadership advancements for both men and women. A former mentee summarized Dr. Abbuhl’s impact as a mentor by stating, “We are better as physicians, more energized as faculty and happier with our decisions because of her influence; hopefully we will have success in carrying her example forward.”

Could 2015 Be a Turning Point in NIH Funding?

Dr. Abella

Benjamin Abella, MD, vice chair for research in the department of Emergency Medicine, is quoted in a story in The Atlantic on NIH research funding. Abella noted that he has seen researchers “retool” their labs to do more work for pharmaceutical companies to maintain lab funding in the era of scarce resources for more risky research.

Video-Based CPR Training May be as Valuable as Hands-On Approach, EM Study Finds


Largest CPR Training Trial for Families of At-Risk Patients Shows Success of Low-Cost Teaching Method. Lead author, Audrey L. Blewer, MPH; senior author, Benjamin S. Abella, MD, MPhil

Read more

Cardiac Arrest is Major Killer but There are No Standards for CPR


Survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest vary immensely by state and even by county in America. It all comes down to the tools and protocol applied by the people who receive you. “It's a patchwork, and it's created the situation we're in today where survival is very variable depending on where you live,” Benjamin Abella, MD, MPhil told Business Insider. "The biggest thing we can do in terms of helping patients is controlling what happens outside of the hospital before they get in, because those are some of the most critical minutes a patient has," said John Greenwood, MD (pictured), the Medical Director of the Emergency Department Critical Care Resuscitation Unit at Penn Medicine.

Social Media Content May Hold Keys to Important Health Information

Raina Merchant

Penn Emergency Medicine study uses Facebook to examine health. Dr. Raina Merchant has an article published in BMJ Quality & Safety describing her work building a longitudinal research database of patients' social media data and health record data. They report on data from over 1000 patients who shared over 1 million social media posts with over 12 million words.

Press Release (PennMedicine)

Article ("Daily Pennsylvanian")

Audio feature (WHYY, "The Pulse")

Original Article (BMJ Quality & Safety)

Patient Power Logo 

David Jang, MD awarded Research Fellowship by Society of Redox Biology and Medicine

Dr. Jang

David Jang, MD was recently awarded a Research Fellowship by the Society of Redox Biology and Medicine (SFRBM). This competitive fellowship provides funding and additional research training for young investigators in the fields of free radical chemistry, redox biology and antioxidants not available at their home institution. DJ will spend 3-4 weeks in Innsbruck, Austria with Erich Gnaiger, PhD, who is

the founder for Oroboros Instruments which is considered the standard in the measurement of mitochondrial respiration. His lab in considered one of the largest mitochondrial physiology labs where DJ will pursue a research project with Erich to examine the effect of freezing certain cell types (PBMCs and Platelets) on the simultaneous measurement of ROS and mitochondrial respiration.

Mobile CPR Project funded

Mobile CPR Project logo

The Mobile CPR Project started as a collaboration between Travelers Foundation and the Center for Resuscitation Science of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. The project was created to increase survival from sudden cardiac arrest through free CPR education in Hartford, CT. Now the project is being brought home to Philadelphia.

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Congratulations, Dr. Reyes!

Iris Reyes MD

Dr. Iris M. Reyes, of the Department of Emergency Medicine — Recipient of the Office of Patient Affairs’ 2015 Patient Advocacy Award. Dr. Reyes will be honored at the 8th Annual HUP Patient Advocacy Reception in November.

Dr. Steven Larson's "Puentes De Salud" wins Hispanic Choice Awards' Impact Award

Salud Award

Thank you to all of our nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, and all volunteers and staff for the amazing work you do. Thank you to the community for your trust and commitment. Thank you to all of our supporters for believing in our cause. We dedicate this "Community Advocate of the Year Impact Award" to all immigrants who are fighting for basic human rights.

Puentes De Salud

Jeanmarie Perrone Accolades

Dr. Perrone

Jeanmarie Perrone quoted in the article “Supplements Lead to 23,000 ER Visits Yearly, New CDC Study Finds” on Shape.com

• Congratulations Jeanmarie Perrone on her article published in JAMA: "Addressing the Opioid Epidemic"

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Ben Abella, MD writes article for The Philadelphia Inquirer

Dr. Abella
Dr. Abella

"All high school students should learn CPR"

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Zachary Meisel, MD awarded five year NIH grant

Dr. Meisel

A hearty congratulations to Dr. Zack Meisel, who was awarded a P30 Center of Excellence grant from the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). Zack will be the Principal Investigator of the Center's Policy and Dissemination Core. This five year NIH grant is a huge win for Zack, our Department, and is a terrific example of our strengths in health policy and systems of health care delivery.

Hyperbaric Medicine in the News

Hyperbaric Chamber

Read about our comprehensive hyperbaric therapy center, and view our giant chambers.

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Penn Hyperbaric Medicine on the web

Congratulations, Alex!

Dr. Katz

Resident Alex Katz, MD just had a manuscript published on the topic of cardiac arrest and drug overdose. "Outcomes Of Patients Resuscitated From Cardiac Arrest in the Setting of Drug Overdose."

Judith Green-McKenzie receives the Kehoe Lifetime Achievement Award!

Dr. McKenzie Congratulations to Judith Green-McKenzie, MD, the recipient of the Kehoe Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Education or Research, by the College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

    Press Release             Read more

Anthony Dean wins AEUS Education Award

Dr. Dean

Congrats go out to our very own Emergency Ultrasound Division director Dr. Anthony J. Dean who was honored by the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound at SAEM with the Education Award! More than half of the AEUS board is now comprised of AJ’s former fellows, demonstrating how his teaching and research success certainly extends well beyond our borders. Please take a moment to congratulate him on this much deserved recognition!

John Flamma wins the David M. Kozart Medical Award

Kozart Award

Congratulations to John Flamma, MD — the 2015 recipient of the David M. Kozart, MD, Medical Staff Award! The Award is intended to recognize a medical staff member who has demonstrated excellence in patient care and medical staff leadership. Emergency Medicine's, John Flamma, MD, represents these ideals in a wonderful fashion.

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Raina Merchant Appointed co-director of Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program

Dr. Merchant

Raina Merchant, MD MSHP was appointed by Dean Larry Jameson to become the Co-Director of the prestigious nationally recognized Penn Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program. She directs the program with David Asch. The RWJCSP program has been in place for over 40 years and in 2017 will be transitioning to become the National Clinical Scholars Program and will exist at 4 sites, Penn, UCLA, Yale, and Michigan. The program will train nurses and physicians to "serve as leaders, researchers, and change agents in healthcare, community health, public policy, and healthcare innovation."

Kathleen Lee, MD wins the Penn Center for Innovation AppitUp Challenge

Dr. Lee

Our very own EM resident Kat Lee, MD won the Penn Center for Innovation AppitUp Challenge for her app Decnut--a clinical pathways mobile application.

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Zachary Meisel receives $800,000 grant for Narrative Medicine study

Dr. Meisel

Dr. Zachary Meisel, along with researchers from CHOP, have received a nearly $800,000 grant to study the effect of narratives on physician prescription behavior for vulnerable children with behavioral problems in Pennsylvania. Dr. Meisel will be leading this project as co-Principal Investigator, along with David Rubin, MD. From CHOP.”

Resident Erica Tabakin publishes report

Dr. Tabakin

Our own resident Erica Tabakin is 1st author on a case report in the Journal of Emergency Medicine with AJ Dean and Nova Panebianco. The report is titled “An Alternative Explanation for Abnormal Globe Contour” and can be found on Pubmed. It’s always exciting when our residents publish.

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Raina Merchant's "Penn Defibrillator Design Challenge", showcasing public AEDs

Dr. Merchant

The Defibrillator Design Challenge is a contest to create eye-catching designs around automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in public locations in the Philadelphia area, in order to increase awareness and educate the public about the importance and use of AEDs. Penn Emergency Medicine's Dr. Raina Merchant is the director of the Defibrillator Design Challenge, and director of the University of Pennsylvania Social Media and Health Innovation Lab.

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Older News:

  • ProTECT III: Learn the results of an acute traumatic brain injury study conducted at Penn
  • Penn Emergency Medicine study uses Facebook to examine health - "Social Media Content May Hold Keys to Important Health Information" Dr. Raina Merchant has an article published in BMJ Quality & Safety describing her work building a longitudinal research database of patients' social media data and health record data. They report on data from >1000 patients who shared over 1 million social media posts with >12 million words. More Information: • Audio feature, WHYY, "The Pulse" • Original Article (BMJ Quality & Safety) • Press Release • "Daily Pennsylvanian" Article
  • Dr. Amos Shemesh (PGY-3) submitted a case, with the help of Drs. Nova Panebianco and Aaron Chen, entitled "Pott's Puffy Tumor: An Uncommon Complication of Sinusitis in a Young Adolescent," and won second place in the first annual ACEP Pediatric EMages Competition. The award includes a $250 voucher to the ACEP Bookstore, a pediatric section membership and presentation of the case at this year's section meeting at the ACEP meeting in Seattle.
  • Dr. Jeanmarie Perrone was featured in the NBC10 story, "Tracking "Molly" in Philadelphia Isn't Easy." Molly is the powder or crystal form of methylenedioxy-methamphetamine that kindles the sensory organs. In the newscast, Dr. Perrone discusses reasons why the drug is difficult to track. Read more…
  • Dr. Kit Delgado's paper, "Cost-Effectiveness of Helicopter Versus Ground Emergency Medical Services for Trauma Scene Transport in the United States," was selected as an Annals' Editors Top Selection in the October edition of Annals of Emergency Medicine.
  • Dr. Kristin Rising published a letter in Science earlier this month entitled "Working Together to Prepare for Disasters" with co-author Dr. Nicole Lurie, the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response (ASPR) at the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Penn Current acknowledged the 10th year of Puentes de Salud and interviewed Dr. Steven Larson, co-founder and executive director of Puentes. Dr. Larson talked about inspiring students to pursue health care careers in areas of need, explaining, "As educators, we're responsible for guiding the next generation of leaders, and Puentes, for us, is also about making this generation of students get through to their next step with their values intact. Puentes is truly a labor of love." Read more… On a side note, Puentes de Salud has been awarded an Independence Blue Cross Foundation Safety Net Grant for 2014.
  • Sue Babin, an emergency medicine nurse over at PPMC, was chosen as one of the recipients of the PPMC Office of Patient Affairs 2013 Patient Advocacy Award. She was chosen for all the work she does with patient and guest relations in an effort to increase patient satisfaction. She will be honored at a ceremony on November 22.
  • Dr. Daniel Holena, one of our K12 Scholars, received a Patient Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) Pilot Grant for his project, "Standing at the Virtual Bedside: Use of Telemedicine to Integrate Families into ICU Rounds." The PSOM and CHOP, augmented by funding from the Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics' Clinical and Translational Sciences Award, are partnering to fund pilot studies in patient centered outcomes research. Dr. Holena's project focuses on inclusion of the patient and the patient's family in medical decision-making as a key component of patient-centered care in the ICU. This grant will fund a two-part study in which qualitative research techniques will be used to investigate factors associated with family participation in rounds, as well as barriers to these efforts.This will be followed by a 12 week randomized, controlled trial of a telemedicine platform, which will provide patient families with the ability to participate in daily ICU rounds when they cannot be physically present, measuring the frequency of family participation during rounds, as well as measuring provider and patient/family satisfaction and technical factors relating to telemedicine. This pilot project will address communication and dissemination research, one of PCORI's national priorities, and will serve as preliminary data for the submission of a larger multicenter proposal.
  • Dr. Kit Degado received a PCOR Grant as well, for the proposal entitled, "Patient Centered Regional Trauma Care: Eliciting Patient, Family, and Physician Perspectives in Trauma Center Transfer." His group will interview patients transferred to HUP for trauma care, as well as accompanying family members, to elicit their:a) desire to be engaged in the transfer decision; b) understanding of the potential benefits, risks, and alternatives of transfer; c) factors affecting preferences for being treated at their local hospital vs. being transferred; and d) burden associated with long distance transfer. They will also meet with focus groups and conduct surveys to identify non-trauma center emergency physicians' a) perceived barriers and facilitators to engaging in shared decision making regarding patient transfers; b) perception of their hospital's capability to take care of trauma patients; and c) attitudes towards using telemedicine to aid transfer decision making. The final aim of the project is to recruit patients and their family members,physicians and hospitals to participate in a stakeholder committee toguidethe design, conduct and monitoring of future studies aimed at making regionaltrauma systems morepatient and family centered.Through collaborations with the trauma service, they plan to use this pilot work to strengthen a future application to the PCORI to study the effect of telemedicine consultation for fostering improved trauma transfer decisions and patient centered outcomes. The team consists of:PI:Kit Delgado, MD, MS (EM); Co-PI:Brendan Carr, MD, MS (EM); Co-I:Therese Richmond, PhD, MSN(School of Nursing);Co-I:Carrie Sims, MD, MS (Trauma Surgery).
  • Dr. Jeanmarie Perrone is featured in a Medicine News blog about her recent ACEP poster presentation on using twitter to track PO abuse trends. Read more about how "Penn Medicine Researchers Turn to Twitter for Helpful Revelations on an Emerging Addiction Crisis."
  • The Daily Pennsylvanian highlighted Puentes de Salud's accomplishments in an article entitled, "South Philadelphia health clinic celebrates 10th year."
  • Ben Abella, Sarah Perman, Gail Delfin and Anne Grossestreuer traveled to Krakow, Poland for the 2013 European Resuscitation Council Congress. Ben, Sarah, and Gail hosted a one-day post-cardiac arrest hypothermia training session. Ben presented an invited lecture on hypothermia and all four attendees co-chaired poster presentation sessions. Sarah and Anne presented original research as finalists in the Young Investigator Competition and were both awarded two-year positions on the editorial board on Resuscitation. The attached pictures are of Ben, Sarah and Gail from the one day hypothermia course and of Sarah, Gail, and Anne in the main square, Rynek Glowny, of Krakow.
  • Jennifer Barger, Quality Improvement Safety Coordinator of Emergency Services, and Socrates Deguzma, from the EDOU,will be honored as 2013 HUP Patient Advocacy Award Recipients during the 6th Annual HUP Patient Advocacy Award Recognition and Reception, which will take place on Friday, November 22, 2013 from 2 – 4 pm in the Penn Tower Bridge Level Conference Room. The Office of Patient Affairs and Patient and Guest Relations are recognizing outstanding HUP partners in patient advocacy who consistently improve the Penn patient experience.
  • Leighann Mazzone, interim PPMC Nurse Manager, received PPMC Office of Patient Affairs 2013 Patient Advocacy Award. She was chosen for all the work she does with patient and guest relations in an effort to increase patient satisfaction. She will be honored at a ceremony on November 22 as well.
  • Dr. Edward Dickinson has been selected as one of the inaugural members of The Academy of Master Clinicians. This award is for a five-year term and recognizes exceptional clinicians who consistently exemplify the highest standards of clinical care, humanism and professionalism. Dr. Dickinson and his colleagues who have been selected for this honor will work with Penn Medicine leadership to improve the culture of clinical excellence and to promote the ideal patient experience. He will also participate in the development of and lead professional development/training programs for faculty, residents, students, trainees and staff. Dr. Dickinson will be honored in The Academy of Master Clinicians at a special award dinner on February 11, 2014 at the Four Seasons.
  • The PPMC ED UBCL Team was selected as the second place winner in the 2013 Delaware Valley Quality and Patient Safety Awards by the Health Care Improvement Foundation for its project: "Impact of a Clinical Decision Support Tool in the Emergency Department on Antimicrobial Prescribing Patterns for the Treatment of Pneumonia." In recognition of this honor, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center will receive a grant of $2,500.00 toward the advancement of quality and patient safety initiatives. The winning project can be viewed on You Tube at: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4sXhHpALnH4&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D4sXhHpALnH4#
  • Anne Grossestreuer, MS, Research Coordinator at the Center for Resuscitation Science and PhD candidate, won the best abstract award at the American Heart Association Resuscitation Science Symposium in Dallas this week. She was also a finalist for the best abstract award at the European Resuscitation Council annual meeting in Krakow. Put simply, Anne is on a roll! Congratulations to her primary mentor, David Gaieski, MD, as well. He has helped guide her work during her time at the Center.
  • Margaret Samuels-Kalow, MD was awarded this year's Academic Pediatric Association Region II Young Investigator Award. She has been conducting in-depth, qualitative interviews with parents of patients with asthma focused on needs and preferences around the ED discharge process and how those differ based on health literacy. The goal of the project is to elicit ideas to use in the development of an intervention to improve ED discharge safety and equity.
  • When a hospital visitor collapsed from cardiac arrest near the Penn Tower bridge on the evening of December 5th,a quick thinking response team grabbed the AED installed near the admissions office, and the patient was successfully shocked from ventricular fibrillation. Several days later, he was extubated, awake and interactive with his grateful family in our CCU. Thanks are due to Zachary Smith, an Internal Medicine resident, and Patrice Bradley, a nursing coordinator, who were part of the team who used the AED on the patient. We are also grateful to Al Black and others among UPHS leadership who supported initiatives to place AEDs in strategic locations, such as the hospital lobby and cafeteria. We are also grateful to Joe Forte for the remarkable support of the HUP security personnel who help manage the AED program and ensure the AEDs are ready for service. If you would like to receive instruction on AED use, click here for a HUP training video.

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