Emergency Medicine

Faculty Areas of Interest

Faculty Member: Areas of Interest:
Stephanie Abbuhl, MD Gender Issues in Medicine; Biomedical Careers & Leadership; Faculty Affairs/Development
Benjamin S. Abella, MD Therapeutic Hypothermia; Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Jill M. Baren, MD Neurologic Emergencies; Biomedical Ethics; Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Amy Behrman, MD Occupational Infections and Exposures
Sarah Cavallaro, MD Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Wilma Chan, MD Emergency Ultrasound; Medical Education; Design Thinking
Patrick Cheatle, MD Resident and Student Education
Jayaram Chelluri, MD ED to ICU Transitions; Critical Care; Systems Improvement
Susan Chen, MD Clinical Emergency Medicine; Resident and Student Education
Hana Choy, MD Observation Medicine
Lauren W. Conlon, MD Simulation Education; Residency Education
Edouard Coupet, MD Violence Prevention; Public Health; Substance Abuse
Anthony J. Dean, MD Emergency Ultrasound; Global Health Science
Kit Delgado, MD Trauma Systems, Outcomes & Injury Prevention Research; Health Services Research
Francis DeRoos, MD Clinical Toxicology; Residency Education
Edward T. Dickinson, MD Emergency Medical Services
Christopher Edwards, MD Patient Flow; ED Quality & Performance Improvement; Clinical Informatics
Chad Felsenstein, MD Clinical Emergency Medicine; Student and Resident Education
John Flamma, MD ED Operations and Administration
Sean Foster, MD Patient Flow; Quality Improvement
Frances Furia, MD Medical Student Education
Laurence Gavin, MD ED Administration
John Greenwood, MD Critical Care; Resuscitation; Mechanical Circulatory Support; Medical Education
Brett Guido, MD Clinical Emergency Medicine, Resident and Student Education
Kevin R. Hardy, MD Hyperbaric and Undersea Medicine; Medical Education; Maintenance of Certification
David Jang, MD Medical Toxicology; Translational Research in Shock and Arrest
Matthew Kelly, MD Hyperbaric and Undersea Medicine; Wound Care
Jeffrey Kramer, MD Emergency Ultrasound; Global Medicine; Infectious Disease
Elizabeth Krebs, MD Emergency Ultrasound; Resuscitation; ED Process Improvement
David Lambert, MD Hyperbaric & Undersea Medicine; Wilderness Medicine; Flight Med. & Aeromedical Transport
Steven C. Larson, MD Community Health; Global Health
Walker Lee, MD Critical Care; Medical Education
Mira Mamtani, MD Residency Education; Quality Improvement
Lillian Marsh, MD Medical Decision Making; Communication in Medicine
Judith McKenzie, MD Clinical Emergency Medicine
C. Crawford Mechem, MD Emergency Medical Services; Emergency Preparedness; Tactical Medicine
Zachary F. Meisel, MD Narrative Medicine; Health Services Research; Health Policy; Patient Safety
Raina Merchant, MD Social Media; Mobile Media; Crowd-sourcing; Health Services Research; Resuscitation
Angela M. Mills, MD ED Operations/Admin; Electronic Clinical Decision Support; Emergency Diagnostic Imaging
Tracey Mondul, MD Clinical Emergency Medicine
Jeffrey Moon, MD Medical Education; Operations; Leadership
Gerald O’Neill, MD Trauma Care; Performance Improvement
Nova Panebianco, MD Emergency Ultrasound; Medical Education
Jeanmarie Perrone, MD Efforts to Limit Escalation of Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic; Toxicology
Stefanie Porges, MD Clinical Scheduling and Operations; Observation Medicine
Iris M. Reyes, MD Diversity in Medical Education; UME Advising; GME Mentorship; Faculty Development
Peter David Sananman, MD Wilderness Medicine; Disaster Preparedness/Disaster Medicine
Kevin R. Scott, MD Social Media, Technology, Innovation in UME/GME; Residency Recruitment; UME Advising
Suzanne M. Shepherd, MD Travel Medicine; ID; Wilderness Medicine; Animal Attacks; Marine Trauma; STIs
Frances Shofer, MD Study Design; Survey Design; large Database Mining; Statistical Analysis
Eugenia South, MD Neighborhood Impact of Health & Safety; Gun Violence Prevention; Public Health; Health Policy; Resident Research
Matthew Taberski, MD Clinical Emergency Medicine
Michael Trotter, MD Critical Care; Medical Education; Interdepartmental Communication
Suzana Tsao, DO Medical Education
Julie Uspal, MD Patient Experience, Quality Improvement; Medical Humanities
Jessica Wall, MD Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Health Services Research
Brian Weiss, MD Critical Care; Medical Education


CONTACT: the format for email addresses is 'firstname.lastname@uphs.upenn.edu' (for example, 'Stephanie.abbuhl@uphs.upenn.edu') with these exceptions:

  • Mucio.delgado@uphs.upenn.edu
  • mechemc@uphs.upenn.edu


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