Emergency Medicine

Center for Emergency Care Policy and Research

doctors consulting with each other

Measuring and Improving the Value of Emergency Care

Our vision is to be the premier group facilitating innovative, interdisciplinary research across the Penn community, committed to providing patients seeking emergency care with time sensitive interventions and addressing the critical health needs of the community.

MISSION: To develop the methods and outcomes for measuring and improving the value of emergency care.

  • Collaboration
    We foster collaboration between Penn health service researchers, the local community/ national health policy entities and emergency care providers.
  • Mentoring/Training/Support
    We provide emergency care researchers with skill development opportunities through mentoring, training and supportive research infrastructures.
  • High-Impact
    We are committed to research that has a high-impact on emergency care policy and practice and public health.
  • Innovation
    We engage in research efforts that are innovative and challenge the status quo.
  • Quality
    Our research methodology, data, and outputs are of the highest quality.
  • Efficiency
    Our research operations are highly efficient to maximize research productivity.


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