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Emergency Medicine Research Programs

Our research activity spans a wide range of topics. Below is a comprehensive outline of all of our programs. Please click on each for more detailed information.

  • MISC

    Academic Associate Program

    Providing premedical and pre-health post-baccalaureate students an opportunity for clinical and translational research activities in the Emergency Department.

    Learn more about our Academic Associate Program

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    Emergency Care Policy & Research

    Developing the methods and outcomes for measuring and improving the value of emergency care.

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    Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

    Focus on prehospital emergency care, specifically the delivery of resuscitative care and prehospital intervention to critical patient populations — penetrating trauma patients, cardiac arrest patients and septic patients.

    Learn more about Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

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    Neurological Emergencies - The BOOST3 Trial

    Improving Outcomes After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.

    Learn more about BOOST3

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    Annual Research Day

    Drop by and learn about current research from Penn's Emergency Department faculty, nurses, residents, fellows.

    Learn more about our Annual Research Day

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    Resuscitation Science

    The science of acute resuscitation from cardiac arrest.

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    Social Media and Health Innovation

    Digital media data mining, surveillance, and analysis; technology development, use, and management; establishment of best practices for patient activation and engagement, and more.

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    A strong research emphasis on factors associated with the rising morbidity and mortality associated with the Prescription Drug Epidemic. Projects have focused on physician education about safe opioid prescribing, the impact of opioid prescribing guidelines on physician decisionmaking, and contributing factors to the recent increase in opioid and benzodiazepine prescriptions.

    Learn more about Toxicology

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    Emergency Medicine Bedside Ultrasound

    Research in the The Division Of Emergency Ultrasound.

    Learn more about Emergency Medicine Bedside Ultrasound

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