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Conference content is discussed collaboratively and formally among faculty and fellows in the following venues:  faculty meetings, 6 month fellow meeting with the Program Director, and the annual Program evaluation meeting.  All fellows participate in this an annual Program evaluation meeting at which the educational program is discussed and evaluated comprehensively, and plans made for improvements.  Informal needs assessment is also a continuing and collaborative process among fellows and faculty, with oversight by the Program Director to insure adequate representation of all common and rare endocrine, diabetes and metabolic diseases. Formal conference evaluation forms completed by attendees are reviewed.  Records of all conferences/topics as they pertain to the categories of conferences listed below are available.

For a list of upcoming conferences visit the IDOM website

Endocrine Case Conference –two to three Wednesdays per month (HUP adult endocrinology) 1 Wed per month (CHOP pediatric endocrinology) 12 noon. SCTR 12-146
Educational Purpose: To discuss adult and pediatric endocrine patients identified in the ambulatory or in-patient setting as presenting diagnostic and management challenges, and use these cases as a springboard to review the scientific and evidence basis for diagnosis and treatment.

Diabetes Didactic Conference – every Thursday 12:30 Perelman 4 West Pavilion
Educational Purpose: To discuss the pathophysiology and therapeutics for all aspects of diabetes and metabolic disorders, with presentations from a multidisciplinary faculty that represent the disciplines that care for these complex patients.  The focus is not only on the current standards of optimal care, but also on innovations for diagnostics and therapeutics.  

Endocrine Grand Rounds 8-10 Wednesdays per year STRC 12-146
Educational Purpose:  To expose the Fellows to experts presenting primary data or comprehensive reviews of different aspects of endocrine science.

Endocrine Pathology Conference one Tuesday per month 7:45AM Perelman Ground floor radiology conference room
Educational Purpose:  To expose the Fellows to a wide spectrum of endocrine pathology (excluding pituitary, see Sella Conference) and cytopathology for thyroid FNA.  Fellows briefly present clinical histories and the relevant pathology is reviewed.  Discussions are held in the context of basic scientific information and critical evaluation of the current literature and practices.

Endocrine Introductory Didactic Summer Series –Daily for July to early Aug  8:00-9:00 AM
Educational Purpose:  To prepare the new fellow with the familiarity needed to respond appropriately and seek attending support for questions addressed to a consultant in the subspeciality of endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism. 

Journal Club – one Wednesday per month 5:00-6:00 PM
Educational Purpose: To expose fellows, on a continuing basis, to critical reading of the emerging endocrine literature. Participation in Journal Club also provides instruction in clinical epidemiology, biostatistics and clinical decision theory.

Sella Conference (Neuroendocrine)third Thursday of each month 8:00AM SCTR 08-146
Educational Purpose: To discuss neuroendocrine disease imaging in a multidisciplinary forum (Endocrine, Neurosurgery, Neuropathology, Neuroradiology). Correlation with the patient’s clinical findings and neurosurgical outcome, as well as endocrine biochemistry, physiology, pathophysiology and molecular and cellular biology are expected. 

Thyroid and Bone Case Conference second Wedneday of each month 12noon SCTR 12-146
Educational Purpose: To have the fellows examine a wide spectrum of clinical thyroid and metabolic bone problems in academic depth by correlating a patient’s history, physical findings, and laboratory data (including chemical, serologic, imaging, cytological, and histological) in the context of basic scientific information and a critical analysis of the current literature and practices.

The Department of Medicine also has Medical Grand Rounds on Tuesdays at 12:00 noon in the Medical Alumni Hall, 1 Maloney unless otherwise noted.