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Endocrine Journal Club 2010 - 2011

The Endocrine Journal Club is scheduled to meet on the first Wednesday of the month. The meeting time is scheduled to be 5-6:30PM. The default location of the meeting will be a Gia Pronto in Perelman lobby. (*Actual location to be determined by attending prior to meeting),

Date Attending Fellow
09/08/2010 Julia Kharlip Dana Beausang
10/06/2010 Koin Hoff Mona Al Mukaddam
11/03/2010 Susan Mandel Sarah Mayson
12/08/2010 Peter Snyder Lauren Fishbein
01/05/2011 Mitch Lazar Ray Soccio
02/02/2011 Caroline Kim Eve Bloomgarden
03/02/2011 Anne Cappola Lily Somwaru
04/06/2011 Rex Ahima Mona Al Mukaddam
05/04/2011 Hamdee Attallah Sarah Mayson
06/08/2011 Doris Stoffers Eve Bloomgarden