Family Medicine


Message from the Residency Program Director

Thanks for your interest in our Family Medicine Residency. Penn is a great place for Family Medicine training, providing a solid clinical foundation in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

We believe that training in family medicine must be broad–based and as real–life as possible. To that end, our residents see their own patient panel from the first week of their residency, working within resident/faculty teams that define their group practice experience over the three years of residency training.

At the same time we believe that our residency must anticipate and respond to the health needs of our surrounding community. Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods, each with a rich heritage and its own unique set of resources and challenges. West Philadelphia, where we make our home, is no different. The strength of our community-based training for residents is unparalleled, drawing on resources from Penn and our surrounding community to create collaborative partnerships that are models of community–based care. (Read more about residency community initiatives and experiential learning in the community of West Philadelphia.)

While patient care is at the core of our training experience for residents, we believe that family physicians have a unique role to play in helping our health system meet the other aspects of its tripartite mission: education, and research. Our breadth of training and scope of practice provide powerful role models for students and at the same time serve as an incubator for translating ivory-tower research into best-practice. Our residents are vital to each of these roles.

We look forward to answering your questions and meeting with you in the near future.


Margaret Baylson, MD, MPH  
Residency Program Director  
David Nicklin, MD
Senior Associate Residency Director