Family Medicine



Estrogen Deprivation and Aromatase Inhibitor associated Arthralgia
NIH: Jun Mao (PI)

The purpose of this grant is to investigate the relationship between genes regulating estrogen synthesis and metabolism and experience of joint pain related to aromatase inhibitors (AIs) among breast cancer survivors.

Literacy & Maternal Health: Defining Obstacles to Care PI, 2007-2012
NIH/NICHD: Ian Bennett (PI)

This research is designed to lay the groundwork for an intervention to reduce obstacles to effective pediatric care utilization faced by women with low literacy.

Integrating Depression and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Management, 2009-2012
American Diabetes Association: Hillary Bogner (PI)

The purpose of this study is to integrate improving adherence to Type 2 DM and depression treatment so that a single program can assist patients with hypertension and depression in real world practices.

Academic Administrative Units in Primary Care, 2009-2012
HRSA: Marjorie Bowman (PI)

The purpose is to develop a Qualitative, Mixed Methods, and Action Research Unit (QMMARU) within the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health in the Perelman School of Medicine. The QMMARU will expand significantly the department's capacity for innovative health disparities research.

Elucidating the Placebo Effects of Acupuncture: Hot Flashes as a Clinical Model, 2008-2013 — NIH/NCCAM: Jun Mao (PI)

This project will provide mentored research experience through the conduct of a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to determine the magnitude of response to placebo acupuncture vs. placebo pill for hot flashes among breast cancer survivors.

Predoctoral Training in Primary Care, 2009-2012
HRSA: Katherine Margo (PI)

Studies the training methods used for predoctoral students.

Residency Training in Primary Care, 2009-2012
HRSA: Richard Neill (PI)

Studies the training methods used for residents.


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