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Updated January 22, 2008
University of Pennsylvania
The Jerry Lee Center of Criminology l www.sas.upenn.edu/jerrylee
Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics l www.upenn.edu/ldi
University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS) and Affiliates
The Trauma Center at Penn l www.penntrauma.com

The Center for Injury Research and Prevention, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia l http://stokes.chop.edu/programs/injury/

The Joyce Foundation l www.joycefdn.org

The American Trauma Society l www.amtrauma.org

The William Penn Foundation l www.wpennfdn.org
Office of the Provost, University of Pennsylvania l www.upenn.edu/provost
Medical Professionals as Advocates Program (MPAP) Sites
Humility of Mary Health Partners l www.hmpartners.org
St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network l www.slhn-lehighvalley.org
Additional Information

American Association of Suicidology l www.suicidology.org

The American Association for the Surgery of Trauma l www.aast.org

The American Trauma Society l www.amtrauma.org

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms l www.atf.treas.gov

Bureau of Justice Statistics l www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention l www.cdc.gov

Centers for Gun Policy and Research l www.jhsph.edu/gunpolicy/index.html

Doctors Against Handgun Injury l www.doctorsagainsthandguninjury.org

Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma l www.east.org

Federal Bureau of Investigation l www.fbi.gov

Firearm Injury Center, Medical College of Wisconsin l www.mcw.edu/fic

The HELP Network l www.helpnetwork.org

Join Together Online l www.jointogether.org/gv

Just the Facts l www.jtfcampaign.org

Million Mom March l www.millionmommarch.com

Mayors Against Illegal Guns l www.mayorsagainstillegalguns.org

National Rifle Association l www.nra.org

National Violence Prevention and Study Center l www.nvpsc.org

National Violent Injury Statistics System l


Pax: Real Solutions to Gun Violence l www.paxusa.org

Physicians for Social Responsibility l www.psr.org

Police Foundation l www.policefoundation.org

United States Department of Justice l www.usdoj.gov

Violence Policy Center l www.vpc.org

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