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Updated August 11, 2004
The primary purpose of the FICAP Pilot Research Grant Fund is to promote research that supports FICAP's mission. Emphasis is placed on the scientific merit of the research, the overall value of the project to the mission of FICAP, and the likelihood that the work will lead to the development of longer term research and subsequent extramural grant funding.

Pilot funding for firearm injury, repercussions and prevention research may include support for:

  • Established investigators to perform exploratory research, particularly on novel or pioneering ideas, to determine feasibility and develop preliminary data to support extramural applications.
  • New investigators to undertake pilot projects that will enable them to successfully apply for extramural sources of funding and aid in development of firearm-specific scholarship.
  • The development of an interdisciplinary team to address specific elements of firearm injury research.

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4 Application Process

Questions should be directed to: Rose Cheney. PhD
  Executive Director, FICAP
  3440 Market Street, First Floor
  Philadelphia, PA 19104-3335
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