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Updated December 12, 2008


This series seeks to expand interdisciplinary research, as part of the growth and development of injury science at Penn.

Stress, Illness and Injury, the theme of this interdisciplinary series, cultivates an integrative focus that bridges behavior (e.g. sociology, criminology, and psychology), biology (e.g. life sciences), and environment (e.g. urban studies, engineering, computer science).

This provost lecture defines important concepts for stress, illness and injury. It defines the role of biological mediators in the adaptation and maladaptation of the body to physical, environmental and psychosocial challenges.

In doing so, it also provides a common language for exploring the complex mind-body interactions that have a significant impact on the public's health and well-being.

We hope that this series provides the visibility, opportunities and synergy necessary to create new interdisciplinary collaborations, build a collective knowledge base for injury science and inform the development of practical applications by decision-makers.


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