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Updated September 23, 2009
  C. William Schwab, MD, FACS
  Program Director
A Professor of Surgery in the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Chief of the Division of Traumatology and Surgical Critical Care, Dr. Schwab is nationally recognized for his role in addressing firearm violence in the United States.
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Therese S. Richmond, PhD, FAAN, CRNP
  Research Director
An Associate Professor of Trauma and Critical Care Nursing, Dr. Richmond has served as principal and co-investigator in a series of funded studies addressing the repercussions of traumatic injury.
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Rose Cheney, PhD
  Executive Director
An Adjunct Assistant Professor of Surgery, Dr. Cheney provides organizational leadership of the Center's multidisciplinary resources, collaboration and supported research. Dr. Cheney is a demographer with a background in public health. 
Charles C. Branas, PhD
  Senior Epidemiologist
Dr. Branas is an Assistant Professor in the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics of the School of Medicine.  Dr. Branas is formally trained in health and public policy with concentrations in both injury epidemiology and geography.
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Douglas Wiebe, PhD
  Scholar in Residence
Dr. Wiebe is trained in injury epidemiology and violence prevention.  His research has focused on consequences of keeping firearms in the home.  He is a Assistant Professor for the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology.
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Janet Weiner, MPH
  Associate Director for Health Policy, LDI
Ms. Weiner is Associate Director for Health Policy at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at Penn. She works with FICAP to analyze the policy implications of FICAP research, to communicate research findings to policymakers in a position to effect change, and to promote sound, evidence-based clinical and public health policy.
Desiree Gatto, BA
  Communications and Academic Coordinator
Ms. Gatto assists the Executive Director of the Center's communication and administrative areas. Ms.Gatto has a background in public relations and earned her degree in Communications.
Michael Nance, MD, FACS, FAAP
  Associate Professor of Surgery, School of Medicine
Dr. Nance is an Associate Professor of Surgery in the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Nance also holds the Josephine J. and John M. Templeton, Jr. Endowed Chair in Pediatric Trauma and is the Director of the Pediatric Trauma Program at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
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Brendan Carr, MD
  Fellow, Trauma & Surgical Critical Care
Brendan Carr, MD, MA is an Emergency Physician at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and, currently, completing a fellowship in Trauma & Surgical Critical Care in the Department of Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania . Upon completion of his fellowship he will enter the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program in the School of Epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania.
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