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Evidence-Based Geriatrics Project/Case Conference

Learning Objectives

1. Residents will be able to develop an answerable clinical question.

2. Residents will be able to search the medical literature for the best available evidence.

3. Residents will be able to critically assess the validity and importance of clinical studies.

4. Residents will be able to apply research evidence to the care of very old patients with functional disability, cognitive impairment, and medical complexity.

5. Residents will be able to identify important clinical areas in Geriatric Medicine that require additional research attention.


Week 1

The preceptor will give an overview of EBM and describe the conference format and learning objectives for the project.

The residents are instructed to identify a patient from one their Geriatrics block experiences (Home Care, LIFE, Nursing Home, Clinic) whose encounter generates a clinical question (diagnosis, treatment, harm, prognosis), and to gather relevant background information about the patient (medical history, social background, functional ability, cognitive ability, health preferences, physical exam, laboratory data). Supplemental reading will be provided (syllabus pending)

Week 2

The preceptor guides the residents in shaping the question into an answerable format.

The residents are instructed to search the medical literature and identify the two or three pieces of original research that best address the question.

Week 3

The preceptor introduces the methods for critiquing the validity, importance, and applicability of the evidence. The residents are instructed to review and critique the articles.

Week 4

The preceptor and residents present the conference. The preceptor reviews the experience with the residents, provides feedback, and assesses whether the leaning objectives have been met.



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