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Geriatric Interdisciplinary Fellowship (GIF)

Description of Program

The Geriatric Interdisciplinary Fellowship (GIF) is a two-year program to prepare fellows for roles as leaders in geriatrics within the academic medical center setting in geriatric medicine, psychiatry and dentistry, with particular expertise in interdisciplinary and culturally competent practice.

Through a core, integrated curriculum, this program will provide shared educational content and learning experiences among the fellows from medicine, psychiatry, and dentistry. The curriculum has six major themes:

  • Cultural competency
  • Interdisciplinary care
  • Clinical care
  • Education
  • Research
  • Administration

Each theme will be integrated into both years of the fellowship. This fellowship will benefit from Penn's vast resources, not only in basic and clinical research, but also in community-based education, research, and clinical service.

The two-year fellowship incorporates the knowledge, skills and attitudes not only to function as highly skilled clinicians and consultants, but also to develop and administer health professions education programs, and contribute to the education of physicians, dentists and other health professionals across disciplines and specialties. The hallmark of our graduates will be mastery of skills for the development of culturally-sensitive clinicians and knowledge of educational approaches to assure cultural competency. Within the culture of medicine and dentistry, the program's graduates will be trained as leaders in interdisciplinary care and clinical education for team-based care. Finally, they will be prepared for administrative leadership in diverse geriatric care settings, and for collaboration in clinical research and the conduct of health professions education research.

Current GIF Fellows

Geriatric Medicine

  • Soumya Bollyampallyl, DO

Geriatric Psychiatry


For an over of the program, please read our powerpoint present

To apply:

Contact Information for the Geriatric Interdisciplanary Fellowship by area



Dental Medince: Eric T. Stoopler, DMD
  Assistant Professor-Clinician Educator
Geriatric Psychiatry: Joel Streim, MD
  Professor of Psychiatry
Geriatric Medicine Edna Schwab, MD
  Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine




The fellowship is paid as a monthly stipend and is subject to Federal but not State tax.  However, no taxes are withheld and students are expected to file quarterly estimated taxes.