Harvey M. Friedman, M.D. (Division Chief)

Dr. Friedman is the Chief of the Infectious Diseases Division. One project examines the role of the herpes simplex virus complement receptor and Fc receptor in viral pathogenesis. Herpes simplex virus encodes glycoproteins that help the virus escape antibody- and complement-mediated attack. Herpes simplex virus glycoproteins gC functions as a receptor for complement component C3b. By binding C3b, gC acts to turn off complement activation. Herpes simplex virus glycoproteins gE and gI together function as a receptor for the Fc domain of IgG, and reduce the effectiveness of antibody in clearing virus infection. Current studies are aimed to determine whether blocking the function of these glycoproteins improves the ability of the host to clear herpes infection. Another project examines the role of herpes simplex virus glycoprotein gE in neuronal spread. This glycoprotein is essential for transport of virus within neurons. The mechanisms by which gE mediate neuronal spread are evaluated using mouse primary neurons in vitro and a mouse retinal eye infection model in vivo.

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Harvey M. Friedman, M.D. (Division Chief)
536 Johnson Pavilion
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(215) 662-3557


Medical School: McGill University
ID Training: University of Pennsylvania
Academic Rank: Professor of Medicine