Training in Healthcare Epidemiology, Infection Prevention and Control and

Antimicrobial Stewardship


This program is designed for second-year Infectious Disease fellows who are interested in gaining expertise and skills needed to prepare for a career in healthcare epidemiology, including leading and collaborating with infection prevention and control and antimicrobial stewardship teams. Healthcare epidemiologists aim to prevent and control healthcare-associated infections and other adverse outcomes by translating research into practice. Their expertise and activities include epidemiologic and laboratory investigation, infection surveillance, policy development and implementation, education and information dissemination, implementation of interventions to prevent infections, cost-benefit analyses of interventions, and patient oriented research to inform and improve the science of healthcare epidemiology and infection control and to improve quality-of-care. This practical training in healthcare epidemiology also may be combined with the Masters of Science of Clinical Epidemiology degree program, if desired.


Training Goals:


Practicum Experience:



Additional Training Opportunities :


It is recommended that fellows attend at least one of the following: