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Jay R. Kostman, M.D.

Dr. Kostman is the principal investigator at a community consortium of clinical research sites for HIV-infected individuals. His major interests include strategic treatment interruptions in antiretroviral therapy, metabolic and GI complications of HIV infection, and hepatitis C infection.

Selected publications:

Kostman JR, Patel M, Catalano E, Camacho J, Hoffpauir J, DiNubile MJ. Invasive colitis and hepititis due to noncharacterized spirochetes in advanced HIV infection. Clin Inf Dis. 21: 1159-1165, 1995.

Marshall JD, Chehimi J, Gri G, Kostman J, Montaner LJ, Trinchieri G. The IL-12-mediated pathway of immune events is dysfunctional in HIV-infected individuals. Blood 94: 1003-1011. 1999.

Papasavvas E, Ortiz G, Gross R, Sun J, Moore EC, Heymann JJ, Gallagher B, Shull J, Moonis M, Nixon DF, Kostman JR, Montaner LJ, Boosting of HIV-1-specific cellular immune responses in chronically infected persons following treatment interruption. J. Infect Dis 182:766-775. 2000.

Jay R. Kostman, M.D.
Presbyterian Medical Center
Wright-Saunders Building, Suite W-250
39th & Market Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 662-8693

Medical School: Yale University
ID Training: Temple University
Academic Rank: Clinical Professor of Medicine