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Division of Infectious Diseases
Division of Infections Disease
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Clinical Programs

The Infectious Diseases Division at UPHS is dedicated to providing timely and state of the art infectious disease consultation and primary care.

The Infectious Diseases Division at UPHS provides extensive and varied clinical services at our three major hospitals: The Hospital of the University Of Pennsylvania (HUP), Penn Presbyterian Medical Center (PPMC), and the Philadelphia Veterans Hospital (VAH). Contact information is provided below.

In all three locations we have outpatient offices where we offer continuing consultation after hospital discharge, see new outpatient consultations, and provide long-term primary infectious diseases care for patients with chronic infectious diseases problems including human immunodeficiency virus, tuberculosis and other mycobacterial infections, chronic osteomyelitis and C. difficile. There are also sub-specialty clinics: solid organ transplant based at HUP, chronic hepatitis based at PPMC, immunization/international travel based in the Penn Center for Primary Care at PPMC, and the well-established microbiota transplant and mycobacteria clinics at HUP.

The inpatient consultative services at PPMC and the VAH make available infectious diseases consultations in all general infectious diseases disciplines. There are four inpatient teams at HUP. One team provides infectious diseases consultation for patients with solid organ transplants. A second team provides infectious diseases consultation to oncology. A third team concentrates on patients infected with the immunodeficiency virus. The fourth team provides general infectious diseases consultation for the hospital.

In addition to infectious disease expertise our inpatient and outpatient services have ready access to PharmD faculty and trainees who regularly round with the teams and see patients in the outpatient offices. Our outpatient offices have dedicated social workers to help patients manage social and economic concerns that might impact on their care.

The Infectious Diseases Division at UPHS is also responsible for hospital epidemiology and infection control at the three hospitals and for antibiotic stewardship, making sure that antibiotics are used appropriately in the care of patients and to minimize the emergence of resistant organisms putting patients are increased risk of problems.

All of these services are teaching services providing the most rigorous and up-to-date knowledge to patient care.


Outpatient Appointments

Location Phone Fax
HUP (215) 662-6932 (phone) (215) 662-7899 (fax)
PPMC (215) 662-9908 (phone) (215) 243-4658 (fax)
Global Health and Travel Immunization (215) 662-9838 (phone) (215) 243-4600 (fax)
VAH (215) 823-4006 (phone) (215) 823-6318 (fax)


Outpatient ID Specialty Clinics


Director Contact Information
HUP Infectious Diseases Helen Koenig, MD, MPH (215) 662-6932
PPMC Infectious Diseases and Penn Center for Viral Hepatitis Anne H. Norris, MD (215) 662-8729
VAH Infectious Diseases Darren R. Linkin, MD, MSCE (215) 823-4006
HUP Transplant Emily Blumberg, MD (215) 662-6932
Chronic Hepatitis    
Global Health and Travel Immunization Stephen Gluckman, MD (215) 662-9257
Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) Pablo Tebas, MD

(215) 662-6932

Mycobacteria Clinic Pablo Tebas, MD

(215) 662-6932

Skin Soft Tissue Infection (SSTI) Jennifer H. Han, MD, MSCE

(215) 662-6932